Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hunt Gift and More ... D&G Fashions

I've had the pleasure to blog for some terrific people in the past, and hope to continue, time permitting. Doing so for Rylee (D&G Fashions) is extra special for me. Not only is she a friend, but she gave me my first crack at fashion way. Tolerant, talented, sweet and just all an all around nice person is a START to describing her...

D&G Fashions:
D&G Marketplace:


HYIS Prize: Fishnet Bikini Three Pack (Lime, Yellow and Cyan) with Omega Applier

About the Omega, taken from the note card included with the package...
The Omega appliers you have inside this will work with all the most popular brands of mesh breasts/booties etc, you only need to have dropped your mesh part, and stick the script for omega inside, which you can get for 1L which is refunded to you. inside this package i will also include the landmark for where you can buy the omega script for use in your mesh body parts!
What happens when you do this? Simple, this same outfit, will work with your, phat azz, wowmeh, brazilia,ghetto booty, etc parts and you can use the very same hud for them all!




DADDY'S GIRL with Tango Applier


Friday, June 27, 2014

Nurse Marika Blaisdale

Marika Blaisdale juggles a lot of virtual hats, so I was honored that she took the time to don a nurse cap for me. When I do sets, I'm usually only after a handful, which is a good thing considering my nifty ability to screw up pictures. This set was one of those exceptions, took me awhile to trim it down to 10...thus is the smexiness of Marika.



Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nurse Bella Ferrari

A nurse is out for lunch, and afterward as she goes to sign the bill she pulls out a thermometer. She looks at the thermometer puzzled for a second, and then says, "Aw shit, some asshole has my pen."

Here's Belllllla!


Monday, June 23, 2014

The Nurse Is In

That's not a fever ya feel when these two walk into your room; it's heat from an entirely different source. Rawking the nurse look, TC Tackleberry and Crystallia Gothly-Aries.

TC Tackleberry


Crystallia Gothly-Aries