Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bikinis and the Hook!!

Several sweet and smexy items I want to show you from a few different designers, so lets jump right in.
All store/event links are after the pictures.

First off, a couple of items. The bikini, from Lushish Catz, is called Twiggy and includes earrings, ankle bracelet and bracelet (not shown). Comes with plenty of different appliers. Part of the Color Me Project.

The ink is from Rachel Swallows Creations, Slut Tattoo. Omega appliers allow combo wear. Also comes with Slink Physique appliers. If you are going to flaunt your naughty nature, do it with color!


Also from Lushish Catz is Brittanya. This bikini is also packed with appliers and includes hip ribbons, that I somehow managed to totally overlook!


That scary looking hook is from Rack Poses. Captive Hook includes seven poses and shackles. Offered at the Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair.

The bikini I will not be wearing for long is called Shine, from Rachel Swallows Creations. Omega and Slink Physique appliers. Lots of colors!

The one thing I managed to keep on were my heels, and they come from Ravnous Women's Clothing. Emma Heels comes with a texture HUD of nine really cute looks. For Slink High Feet.


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Erotica Unbound: VII

Let's get right to it!

Melina Jameson is probably better known as a photographer, but as you can see, she most certainly does the other side of the lens justice. Photos by me, Domino Dupre.
That rhymes!

Catsuit and body suit from Rachel Swallows Creations follows and gosh, I didn't strip!

Erin Celestalis has a knack for shooting some hot sets and it's our pleasure to feature one, How To Earn an A, for your enjoyment.


Lick Me Catsuit for Indulgence Event
Mesh Catsuit with Omega and Slink appliers so if you are wearing a mesh body you don't have to shrink your boobs to wear it., coz big boobs ROCK!
Six color HUD


Wild Captive Body Suit
includes color matching collar, not shown (I messed up)
Mesh in five sizes and seven colors

'How To Earn An A'
Photographer: Erin Celestalis
with Ryu Quasimodo

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Erotica Unbound VI

Hi there, thanks for slipping by. Today's post has offerings from several designers, Rachel Swallow's Creations, Ravnous and Lushish Catz, all of them with me in, and out, of them.

Katmee provides the feature set, a hot little number called, Hooker.

Two featured models captured by EU photographer, Nicasio Ansar.
Well known photographer, Laura Demonista, goes in front of the camera, followed by TC Tackleberry doing the school girl.

Capping things off, photos from the Erotica Unbound Flickr group with, among others, Redfield, Partee, Magnifico, Biedermann and Braveheart.

Punch Drunk
Includes mesh boxing gloves, Omega and Slink appliers. Black, Blue, Gold, Mint and Pink
I dig the outfit, but I love the panties!

RSC also sales the mesh boxing ring I'm doing my thing in for 49L

Wicked Heels - Kitty Boots for Slink high feet
11 Texture HUD

Maya Outfit, including Jewel high heels
Red, Pink and Black with appliers
Skirt is mesh, black and comes in five sizes
Adding in the heels makes this a pretty sweet offer :)

Jay Outfit
4 Tops with a score of appliers and 5 mesh skirts (xxsmall-large)
And a cute, little black thong!

Katmee and Raymond Marlowe

PhotographerNicasio Ansar

Photographer: Nicasio Ansar

TC Selfies

Photos from the Flickr group

Be safe, and come back now ... ya hear!