Friday, May 31, 2013

Big Doings at The Topaz!

If you have never checked out The Topaz and the super friendly dancers and staff there, the first day of June is the time to do it. It's an all-day party to celebrate their anniversary and you are so invited.
(Photos featuring, Topaz Gems: Monica Moonstone, Candy, Brandi Brune, and Sidira.)

Time sure flies when you are having fun.  The Topaz will celebrate their one year anniversary on June 1, 2013.  You are cordially invited to help us celebrate at  the following events.
9 AM - 11 AM Carrie's Lingerie and DJ Cat present Carrie's Lingerie Fashion Show at Topaz
Noon A Live magic show featuring SL Magician Obero
1 PM - 2 PM A performance by live singer Samm Qendra
2 PM - 3 PM A live erotic voice show starring Topaz owner Brandi Brune
6 PM - 8 PM The 1 year anniversary Formal Ball featuring DJ Jordan (Suits & dresses please)

Monica Moonstone

We also have these great prizes lined up.  We will be giving out gift cards, all day long
 from these great stores:  Sonia, Carrie's Lingerie and ADN Designs. Some great animated furniture from Windermaster Production. A photo package from Foxie at Goo Designs (the makers of our amazing Anniversary Video) And a digital painting from Wheelerwood Oppewall.  Please thank your generous sponsors when you shop at their stores.  


Check out our anniversary video at this link:
You're patronage over the last year is greatly appreciated.  Please come celebrate this milestone with us.
Hugs and Kisses
Brandi Brune



Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Places to Play: House of the Bull God

Today's little adult getaway is a sweet little spot that caters to all, but will definitely appeal to your wild side. House of the Bull God (HotBG), a land of minotaurs and their companions, is loaded with areas to relax and play. While the Bulls make up the majority of the fantastical here, there is a good chance you will run into all sorts...both human and not so much. Built mostly by her partner, BlazeAbsurdity, Head Bull Babe, Cherry is the heart and soul of the place. From welcoming new members and guests to planning group activities, Cherry works tirelessly to keep HotBG an inviting, and fun, place to visit.

BlazeAbsurdity & Cherry

Tell us what the visitor to HotBG can expect to find?
Cherry: At the Landing Point there is clothing. hair, goatees for Minotaurs/Wolfkin and DC. They are well made to fit. All made by Master Blaze. 

We have an awesome pool with dance poles for the Bull Babes to entertain the Master Bulls. This is where we hang out mostly.  We have a Temple for your sexual pleasures. A beautiful forest, Maze for RLV and an Animal Farm. Throughout the sim are beds, mats, tables and pose balls for sexual encounters. Master Blaze built the Pool, Temple and Sex Bed, which has 900 poses; very awesome bed. Also in the Temple we have a Orgy Area upstairs. There is also a room for humans to play in ;-)
Overlooking the Maze

The Pool Area

What was the inspiration behind the creation?
 Cherry: Master Blaze wanted a nice peaceful forest for all Bulls and others to enjoy. He did all the work. He worked very hard to build it up to where it is now. I believe he started out with a small sim and $50 to get it going and look at it now ~smiles~.
 Mystery Treasure (Bull) & Treasured Mystery

So I'm a new visitor, is it going to take me a while to become part of the HotBG scene?
Cherry: No not at all, once you become a member, you are part of the HOTBG Family :) even if you don't join, still family to us. We have a several who haven't joined but still come and hang out with us. All are welcomed here with open arms.

What about using voice there?
Cherry: It's very seldom used. Less drama that way lol
Aside from being a terrific place to just chill out or play naughty. what else is happening at HotBG?
Cherry: Well I just opened a " Cherry Hill Biker Bar " for Bikers or non Bikers to come and chill out. Will be doing events. I Have 3 DJ's . I plan on having live singers which will be very nice. I have over 50 members already.  Here we can voice. Most people prefer it instead typing, like me.  I used to be in a MC and it's in my blood. I love hanging with them, cool people really. I hope it's a success.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hot Stuff: Seeing Red In D&G Fashions...2-for-1 Offer

Got an IM the other day from a regular sponsor of the blog, D&G Fashions and just had to get something together to share with everyone so as I saw this...

Here's the gist of things ladies and gents, from now until the end of the month, for every item purchased on the marketplace AND reviewed(item MUST be reviewed) you will receive one free item or items totalling the cost of equal or lesser value. Basically, if you buy something write a small review, send a notecard with TRANSACTION HISTORY to myself or put it in the mailbox @ D&G Mainstore.

Name-TRUE second life name NOT display name
Transaction history - Gifted items do not qualify since the person in receipt of them cannot write the review themselves
freebie/dollarbie items do NOT count.

The item/items you choose must be of equal or lesser value to that which you purchased and reviewed ie: If you purchase and review something that is $L275 the item you choose must cost the same or less.
Please title your notecard something like " D&G MP Review-(name) please put YOUR name on the card
Ryry-D&G Fashions

Two for one, and that includes mesh, clothing with Lolas Tango appliers and a score of just plain sexy outfits! For a peek at the quality of clothing you can find at D&G, check out the article 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame' from April, and the pictures below.

Thanks for dropping by The Domino Affect and Happy Shopping!

D&G Fashions:
D&G on Marketplace:

(comes in a wide variety of colors)

:*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:..:*☆*:. .:*★

:*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:..:*☆*:. .:*★

:*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:..:*☆*:. .:*★
(Fatpack with variety of colors)
I have received so many remarks while wearing this! Goes great with so many things!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Places to Play: Slut's Playground

Slut's Playground doesn't pretend to be anything more than the name suggests; a place for getting your freak on. The creation of Bender Palen and his partner, Joelle Jurgis, Playground provides a wide variety of nooks and crannies to sate your carnal desires. (Photos featuring Matt Hughes)

Joelle and Bender, owners of Slut's Playground
Your options are many here, including a nifty dungeon with a huge cage, a variety of naughty furniture, dance poles to tease from and a loaded orgy bed. The center piece though appears to be the cinema.

The screen is just huge, with a clear image and and a nice mix of poses scattered among the seats. There was a lack of F/F poses, but the orgy bed is here and has a rather nice screen right beside it.

 The previous four shots were taken in the social/club area. Whether there is a rocking little party going on there or people just looking to mingle, this area has so many choices for one to enjoy.
▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ Pics from the cinema▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀


Slut's Playground Quickie