Monday, January 20, 2014

Looking Marvelous in Ravnous

There are scores of awesome designers displaying their talent at the SeXXX Sales event, which in case you have been up on some isolated mountain top, is in full swing. Like everyone, I have my favorites, like Ravnous, sexiness from the mind of  my friend Ravnous Weymann. Why? Well, check out the clothing below and then bust the move over to her corner of SeXXX Sells and you'll have your answer! While you're at it, take time to join her group and get 10% off on purchases...forever...and that's a mighty long time.

Ravnous at SeXXX Sells:

 Evi Dress: A Sexxx Sells exclusive, Mesh...199L


Sabine Silks: On sale starting the 24th...129L


Purr: From the Boobykisser/Bootykisser sets, like 11 choices!...149L

Nearly everything in the store comes with Tango/Mirage & Phat Azz appliers 
More photos from this set on my Flickr, hook up to the left
Have an awesome day!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shady and Smexy

Buck Shady has an eye for the erotic, and the talent to put it to use in so many ways. From sexy sims to equally sexy styles, he stays pretty busy being all creative like :). While his clothing selection isn't that large, it is quality over quantity with items ranging from rip away skirts to drop down panties. Best thing to do is slip on over there, shop a bit and then stroll his urban playground, Heck, make it a Shady sort of night and pop onto Pirate Beach and catch some tuneage at the club.

Shopping and Urban City RP:
Pirate Island and Nude Beach:

Prelude: Comes with all sorts of color changing HUDs

Splitz: Comes in black and yellow as well


Shore Leave


Round Up

All these come with shoes/boots!
For more pictures influenced by Shady, check out my to the right :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Always A Bridesmaid

Just a little set to get 2014 kicked off for me...finally! I don't see a ring in my future, so I needed a reason to flaunt a bit of the look. Have a grrreat day!

You can check out the rest of this set on my Flickr if ya like.