Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pool Play

I'm in the record books in the club league in San Antonio, thanks to my deft handling of a cue. I lost seven games on eight ball scratches. Back at our home bar, The Red Baron, just as we were about to practice one night, the guys took my cue and gave me something else to handle, a dildo.
"Let's see if you can at least find the right hole with that," one joked.
Well, I showed them! Didn't matter where they said to put it, I sunk it on target every time!
By the way, this does nothing to improve your game as two nights later my call to the corner ended with the eight in the side. Grrrrrrrrr.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Out In The Sunshine

It's that time of the year in my part of the world when nature whispers, luring you outdoors with a crisp morning breeze wafting through the window, or rays of golden sunshine, promising to caress you with its warmth. From the insistent roar of the ocean to a myriad number of birds and insects singing around the skinny dipping hole, the water awaits.
This set features clothing from Lushish Catz and poses from Syn With Me.
Have an awesome weekend!!!


Nyxie: for the Sexy and I Know It hunt
till May 18

necklace (La Crux) sold separately

Above poses from Syn With Me on marketplace


Hayley - 3 tops - 3 panties  Appliers included but you do not need them to wear.

Just had to include a rear view, I love this design!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014


In general, I shoot softcore porn pictures that often combine my love for the scenic and erotic.  It is what I like to do. I've done a few sex sets; nothing real naughty, but lately I got the urge to try something more hardcore. I mentioned it to my friend Carla, and let me tell you, if naughty and nasty is what you are looking for, Carla is your gal!
About a week later, I get in IM to come visit her on her island. The results are these pics. After seeing these, I just had to add a little story. Besides, I had never done that and the time seemed right. Hope ya like :).


"It's pink, sweet!"
"Thought you'd like the color," Carla said, smiling. "Hop on up there and shake it, hun."
"You sure it will hold me?"
"I'm certain," she said, giving me a gentle nudge toward the table.
Brushing back the doubt brought on by my somewhat inebriated self, I climbed up. Standing, I gently stepped around the top. When I didn't plunge off the edge, or go down in a heap of broken wood, I began to move to the dance music pouring out of my speakers. After a few minutes, I was caught up in the beat and didn't even notice the others that had taken a seat around my little stage on four legs.
"You were right, Carla, the little bitch is cute."

I turned my head to the left as a dark beauty in glasses agreed, "Yes she is, but she's hiding a bit too much."
Being complimented always brings a smile to my face, and this one grew as it dawned on me what was going on. Carla must have seen.
"You did say you wanted to be in the middle of a gangbang."
Blowing her a kiss, I pulled down my blouse, baring my breasts. Cupping them in my hands, massaging, as I rubbed my index fingers over rising nipples.
"Nice, Blondie. Why don't you lie down down and give us a closer view."
I hadn't noticed who spoke, but I was eager to oblige any of them. Lying back, I worked my legs, opening my thighs. Closing my eyes, I let the music guide my grinding hips. The hands that began to roam over me sending tingling waves of pleasure through me. When I felt my jean shorts being tugged, I lifted my hips as they were pulled off me along with my damp panties.
"What a delicious little pussy, I can't wait to stuff you slut."
"Your going to have to, " I heard Carla say. "I promised her cock to suck on."

I opened my eyes as I felt the table move...the two muscular blonds had joined me. A whimper escaped me as my eyes came to rest on their massive shafts. Each took an arm, helping me to my feet. Gripping their cocks in my hands, I bent over, guiding their rubbery tips to my eager mouth.
"That's it, baby, suck those big she cocks," Carla encouraged.
And I did, turning my head from side to side, swallowing each into my hungry mouth. Their grunts of pleasure, the taste of their cocks and the fingers that had deftly found my swollen clit causing my juices to flow freely from my pussy, dribbling down my inner thigh.
"Oh, you little bitch, that's it...suck it!"

A few minutes later I heard Carla, "Lay down, hun, we want some of that too."
I dropped onto my back, my head hanging over the side, as three of the Tgirls gathered around my head, stiff she cocks in hand. The short-haired blond remained on the table with me, kicking my legs apart, "Open that cunt, slut," she commanded.
I caught a glance of her stroking above me as I reached down to open my labia before someone turned my head and pressed a cock to my lips. Groaning as I opened my wet mouth, saliva dripping as I stuffed the cock between my lips. Bobbing my head, as I felt another cock slap against me face. Pulling my mouth free with a loud, wet pop I turned to devour that she cock.

Time seemed to come to a screaming halt. There was nothing in the world except the need to please these four. To use my mouth to pull their thick loads from their cock, to give them my body, to ...

"FUCK!" I managed to look between the cocks surrounding my face in time to see the Tgirl standing over me ejaculate. Her thick load seeming to fly through the air in slow motion, before raining down on me. My body jerking at the warm sensation, my fingers savaging my clit, I began to squirt.

 Even as the spasms gripped my body, I felt a hot load of jizz across my lips and cheek.
I opened my lips, sticking my tongue out as the cum dripped into my mouth. I looked up into dark eyes of lust as she rubbed her cock against my cum stained lips.

"Here's some more for you, slut!" I turned my head just in time to catch the new offering on my nose and eyes. Closing them, I felt her cum cover my face.
Blowing a cum bubble, I felt fingers clearing the jizz from my eyes. Carla was smiling down at me.
"Having fun?"
As I opened my mouth to answer, she deftly slid her cock down my throat. Several thrusts later, her cum poured. Pulling her spent cock free, she tapped it against my nose as I gasped for air, looking up into their faces.
"You look  hot covered in cum, sweetheart", Carla said, as she bent down to kiss me.
Laughing as I wiped away the goo from my face, rubbing it across my heaving chest, "Thanks, that was... like wow!"
"Oh honey, we aren't done." .....


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Made In The Shady

Ok, so it isn't as catchy a title as I thought, but these outfits from Shady Gear certainly are. And if you are in the market for some pose action, you'll see the work of Rachel Swallows tossed in here. Stay sexy, y'all!


 STILETTO SHADY: My favorite, cute little bows and killer boots!
*All poses for this outfit from Wicked Creative (Just My Luck pack)


G: yep, that's it. Comes with everything you see. Grab the fat pack for a seemingly unlimited combination of outfits.


FOXY: Everything you see...comes with a red top to.


BUTTERFLY KISSES: ...and those are not mesh boobies! Neat little(?) effect. Goes on sale 5/2.