Saturday, August 31, 2013

School Pride with Firecaster

It's football time and ღŠhae Ŧirecasterღ, the model formerly known as Bunii, is ready to cheer on her team! While the tank may show her alliance, it's what underneath that I imagine would really put the bite in her Dogs! Have a great day, and good luck to everyone's team...just not so much if your team is tangling with mine. :)

ღŠhae Ŧirecasterღ


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

One Hot Star: Winter Starflare

I'm going to go out on a limb here and dub Winter Starflare the sexiest neko in SL. Obvious reasons aside, just look at her, I have known her for quite some time and she has always been rocking the kitty look! A dancer, photographer, the first person to ever shoot me, model and all-around kool kat, I'm honored to roll a set of shots of her out to you.


Winter Starflare


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back With A B!asta

Feders Baby, owner and designer of B!asta, has been one busy lady since taking a little vacation. Scores of hunts, a new group gift and adding a few items to the Designer Circle are just a few of the things keeping her hopping. She did manage to slow down enough though to answer a few questions, so enjoy a look in to her mind as you look over some of her creations.


:ONE IN A MILLION: (gold) - Wrap Top in Nine Colors with mesh Denim Skirt in Five Sizes

Lets start off with your SL experience and what led you in to design and fashion?
"I have been a SL resident for more than 6 years now. In the first place, I came here to have fun and meet new people, like everybody else i guess. After a few years, I wanted to try something new. Since I have graphics training (Computer Design & Graphics) in RL, I thought that I could try making some clothes in SL.
I love working with graphics and Photoshop - so what brought me to fashion design in SL is not so much my love for the fashion world per se, but more my love for computer graphics. And then of course it's fantastic to see that people actually like the things I create - that's what really gives me a kick every single day :)"

Upcoming events:
Twisted Hunt 10 - starting Sep 1st.
Hello Titty Tuesday - starting Sep 3rd.
Bewbapalooza - starting Sep 5th
Lubbly Jubblies - starting Sep 15th

What hes been the most difficult part of the design process for you?
"To step out of the crowd of "SL players" and to become an "entrepreneur" - who also needs to be able to digest negative critics and complaints. At least in the beginning, I was not self-confident at all, and so negative feedback in an early phase of my fashion designing career would have stopped me from designing clothes at all."

:HEAVENLY: - wrap top in seven colors with white mesh shorts in five sizes
This and :One in a Million: available at the Designer Circle, from Aug 18th to Aug 31st.

Where or what do you draw inspiration from for your designs?
"In the first place I try to make clothes that I would like to wear - be it in SL or even in RL. I also get a lot of inspiration from my favorite designers in Second Life, above all there's Sn@tch, to name only one. But of course there are lots of very talented designers out there, and some of them are extremely inspiring."

Do you have a line you are particularly proud of?
"Not a line, but I'm proud to say that I create all the textures for my stuff by myself. I'm using some fabrics and applications from texture stores in SL, but I would never just drag a simple prefabricated texture onto a full perm mesh model and sell it as "my creation" - I always hand-texture my stuff, and that's what makes them unique."

:FLORENCE: - The August group gift - group tag needed - One time join fee 50 L$, monthly FREE group gifts & more!

What has been the most, and least, rewarding part of owning a store in SL?
"The most wonderful experience is when people give their (hopefully positive) feedback - and when they actually send a message just to say "thank you for the wonderful gifts/discount items/prizes" - that's what makes my heart jump every single time :)
On the other hand, ungratefulness can spoil all the fun - when people complain about a gift for example, or if they approach you in an inappropriate way, disrespectful or unfriendly. But I'm glad to say: these things happens very, very rarely - most of my customers are just fantastic!"

 :SPRIZZ: - Hunt gift for the "Seasons Palette 3" hunt, starting on August 20th. FREE.

What sort of advice would you have for someone just starting out as a fashion designer?
"To stick out from the masses, you need to find your own style, make your own stuff and be unique."

Monday, August 19, 2013

Behind the Mask: Deirdre Paulino

"Bisexual, adventurous, kind, and here to have fun." That's right off her profile and sums up, Deirdre Paulino, in a nutshell. Here she is having fun, parading around in, and out, of her Zorro outfit.

Deirdre Paulino

Zorro debuted in McCulley's 1919 story " The Curse of Capistrano", serialized in five parts in the  pulp magazine, All-Story Weekly.

Father Miguel Hidalgo, or El Zorro, is considered the father of Mexican Independence.

Zorro, was the inspiration for both Batman and the Lone Ranger.

Zorro is a skilled horseman. The name of his jet-black horse has varied through the years. In "The Curse of Capistrano", it was unnamed. Later versions named the horse Toronado/Tornado or Tempest. In other versions, Zorro rides a white horse named Phantom.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Naughty, but Nice: Nef Sinister

Nef Sinister's self-confessed love for the creepy and dark side of things is no act. This sexy lady knows she could be whatever she likes in the SL world, and she is just fine with being herself. Her motto is simple, "Embrace the freak, or geek inside." Sexiness from the Darkside, here's Sinister.

Ŋℯƒ SιŊιSイℯɼ