Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sexy Man Sartuday!

HI!    Allow me to introduce myself.. My name is Envy .. Miss Watts if you're nasty :)  I am one of  the publishers for  Erotic Unbound!   Wow what an amazing group we have!

So I will be doing two posts a week.. Wednesday and Saturday ..  My fist post is Sexy Man Saturday!   We have so many amazing sexy men in our Flickr group..I decided to grab a few and spotlight them.  MMMM I do love a sexy man !  SO without further  adiue..... feast your  hungry eyes on these scrumptious morsels !

Meet Ben...  meet the rest of him here >> FLIKR

Meet M3... you can  find the rest of his sexy shots here  >>> M3's Flikr

Meet Mr Jackson here is his FLIKR 

Mr Caelius is offer us a shot....  check out his other shots  here >> FLIKR

Darkyn the Angel.. see what else this  angel has for you  here >>> FLIKR

Meet Mr Manual ... perv his other works here >>> FLIKR
Be sure to visit the Erotic Unbound Flikr page daily to see all the new sexies and add your own!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Erotica Unbound: Woozer, Steal, Water Nymphs and Men In Black

Welcome, and thanks for dropping by! Today we start things off with our feature photographer, Woozer. What I really dig about his work is the range of what he creates. Erotica, slice of life, humor and straight up hardcore, he tackles them all with style. With his attention to details and use of angles, Woozer scores time after time with his work.
Next up, something for the ladies. Over the course of my time as a photographer, I have had the pleasure of shooting a lot of men. Here's a sample, a delicious dozen in black and white.
Jagger Draconis checks in with the feature set, capturing Rachel Avro and Suki in a sexy little water nymph number.
Finally, the talented Krystal Steal is our featured model, in a set shot by me.
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Men In Black...and White

Lightnin Tyran

Graham Collinson

Edvard Taurion

Lethal Fireguard

Dutch Corleone

Nakuru Bergamasco

Si De Brit

John McQueen


Larry Vinaver


Gavin Sona

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Krystal Steal

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Erotic Bytes: Photos From the Group

In less than 72 hours, Erotica Unbound's companion Flickr group broke 100 members. Thank you!
So what is the purpose of this branch of EU?

I started out using this blog to showcase my work and show off the people that gave me a chance to capture their sexiness. My goal was simple, to 'make it' in the adult entertainment community of SL. While I have plenty of room to improve, and I haven't checked everything off my bucket list, I think I succeeded.

Turn the page.

Now I want to focus on the community at large. There are a lot of people out there producing erotic/porn pictures. They range from those just starting out to accomplished photographers producing photos that could be considered art. As a fan of this type of work, I want a chance to showcase them all! No strings, no group affiliation, just the photographer and their work. I'm aware we don't all have the same level of talent or tools to work with ... all I ask is that you submit your best effort to the Flickr group. From that group, we will select pictures and photographers to feature on the blog.

Notice the shift from I to we? I doubt I would have done this if not for the offers to help keep this a vibrant idea by others, mainly my friend, Envy Watts. While this remains the primary place for me to show what I do, the goal of EU is one blog, serving the all. So lets see how this all plays out, life happens while you are making plans and we have plans for the future, but those can wait.

What should not wait is for you to check out the works below to see some of the people that have already made the Flickr side of  Erotica Unbound a must see of sexiness.

Thanks for dropping by and have an awesome day!