Sunday, April 28, 2013

Q&A: Erotic Craftsman, Graham Collinson

For most of you, Graham Collinson, doesn't need an introduction. I was introduced to his work by a friend, long before I ever met the guy, and like most, was blown away by it. Flash forward to a wedding reception I was attending and there he was, in the to speak. I was a bit leery about saying hi to someone of his stature, but he turned out to be rather charming and a bit humble. A few nights later, after a long discussion ranging from sl photography, to music and politics. we became friends. There's a lot to like about Graham, like his self effacing humor and his devotion to his sl partner, Maria, but I'll step aside and let him introduce himself.

Graham Collinson
So who is Graham Collinson and how did he become the photographer/artist we know today?
Graham: This is the kind of theme people write books about. :)
Well, my rl mother is an artist, and I spent all my teenage years and early years as an adult stepping away from it really. But deep deep down there was something that wouldn't let go and I started working with lights after being dumped by my first SL girlfriend. I think I spent 2 weeks at the Japan Tempura Island and it just took off.

Still haven't edited one picture I have taken in here. The search and wish to learn is what brought me here I guess.
In the beginning I mainly took portraits and landscapes, but I had this wish to do erotics, it took me years before I dared to. The wonderful Colleen Criss was the first girl I did those with, and I owe her a lot. I remember being really nervous about this. I think it was a Wednesday we scheduled and I had set up a tub. I took like 56 pictures and sent them to her and expected a total bitchslap, thankfully she was delighted.
Colleen Criss: Graham is one of the most awesome photographers I know and he is huge fun to work with! Plus he lets me swipe his away message !!
The next day it was on the Pornstar blog and several erotic models had already Im`ed me when I logged on. Since then I have done quite a few shoots with different girls. I am setting up a blog as we speak for my erotic work. Not much has been published:)
And for the record, I prefer being called a craftsman to artist :)

In your opinion, what sets your photography off from most others?
Graham: Well, the fact that I don't edit obviously and that my shoots often can be 40 to 50 pictures. My record is 160.

A lot of your adult photography contains high levels of artistic touch; How do you respond to people that simply dismiss it as SL pornography?
Graham: A lot of SL porn is very explicit and straight forward. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I wanted to show that you can do it "my" way too. I don't rate my stuff over or under what others do. If someone dismiss it as porn, I am quite pleased actually, because its more erotics to me.

Maria Collinson
I understand you are a big music fan, tell us about that side of you?
Graham: Yes, true, and always have been. I have been hooked since my grandfather put his headphones on me and put on Norwegian folk music. It started when I was around 4. I spent all the money I had from that age until I was like 20 on music, so I have a big collection of records. I like to play the guitar too, but I seem to be incapable of doing things the "right" way. :)

So what is the real football?
Soccer of course. I don't understand why you American took that name for your version of it. The first professional soccer team was founded in 1863. I am quite sure it was well before you got started.

Your work often has a romantic flair to you consider yourself a romantic? What would a romantic evening be to you?
Graham: I guess I am, but too much mushyness doesn't work for me. I am very attentive though and love to hug and cuddle. A perfect night is a quiet night with music on and not too many words said.
Why do I have the feeling my porn image will be ruined after this interview? :p

I think you'll come out of this unscathed (laugh). Do you have a muse?
Graham: Yes I do. Her name is Bianca Xavorin and she kinda picked me up at a time when life was rough. She had followed my work for a long time and contacted me when she thought something was wrong. Since that day she has been my main inspiration. She is my closest friend in either life. I owe her so much. I should mention my Maria too. She always encourages me to work, even with erotics, which I haven't experienced on SL before.

So what do we have to look forward to from the mind of Graham Collinson?
Good question. I stopped and thought about this and couldn't figure anything useful to say. As long as it matters to some it doesn't matter what I do really. I can promise that I will continue to try to push the limits for whats possible inworld. I doubt you will ever see me edit. :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Oooo LaLa: Nude in Jewels

I love jewelery! So I was super tickled when Whisper Gravois, designer and owner of Oooo LaLa Jewelers, handed me a treasure trove of items to feature on the blog. The one catch, some of the items are for the guys. Thanks to a few male friends, that was easy to deal with. Enjoy the set, featuring, Khal Dubrovna, Nakuru Bergamasco, Emeria Jaynesford and myself.

You've been around SL for awhile; tell us about the life of Whisper from day one to jewelery designer?
Whisper Gravois: I'd have to say that I have gotten here the same way that others get to where they are... the love of good friends, the heartache of not so good friends and the determination to show the world that I can be more.

 Nakuru Bergamasco wearing Oh Canada necklace
Where do you get your inspiration for you designs?
Whisper Gravois: Everywhere. I watch what my rl friends are wearing. Visit jewelry stores in rl. My mother and grandmothers jewelry. Then there are special requests from customers.
If someone new to creating jewelery asked for your advise on how to do it, what would you say?
Whisper Gravois: Ask questions. Listen to the answers. Find your niche then move outside of it.

 Emeria Jaynesford flashing Emerald Isle (top R) and Fluer necklaces.

A dwarf drops by and offers you an unlimited amount of one jewel to work with, what would you chose and why?
Whisper Gravois: Diamonds... there are so many different varieties and cuts and colors. Diamonds are a girls best friend?

Khal Dubrovna showing us...oh yea...Aaron (necklace)
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Whisper Gravois: Neither... they developed together from a tiny piece of DNA. (looking outside the box)
Me, Domino Dupre, wearing The Eagle (top) and Inner Goddess (below)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Q&A - Such Marvelous Toys: BDSM/RLV Designer, Cald Stine

One of my favorite past times in SL is what I like to call prowling. Just spin the wheel, so to speak, and I'm off to explore a new location. It isn't a coincidence that I've ended up at a lot of places catering to the BDSM lifestyle ~smile~. Of all the wickedly delicious items I see there, one name kept popping up at the higher end locations...created by Cald Stine.

Cald Stine Products:

Cald Stine
Recap your journey through SL from Day One...How has it changed for you from being brand new to where you are now?
Cald Stine: Recap 6 years - seriously?  I recommend you move on to the next question if you are reading this - or stick around if you are a gluten for punishment. 
I Started out in SL not knowing how to adjust hair, and I hated shopping with a passion.  So much so it almost made me quit altogether.  I decided I'd try to make what I wanted. It was easier than shopping for me.  I began to sell what I made on borrowed space, then soon rented a small store and started using OnRez and XStreet SL (now the MarketPlace).  My goal was to never have to buy a single Linden in SL. 
I started hosting themed parties based around my new products.  EVERYTHING I have made has been for my personal fun/fantasies.  One day I hosted a "whips and chains" party and made some rudimentary (single pose) BDSM equipment primarily for props. I sold those as well, along with most everything I ever made for my parties.
As time went on my girl and I got more involved in BDSM personally, so I decided to upgrade my own products.  Now RL has gotten rather busy so the parties have ceased, and new products are not as frequent, but when they do come out they are high quality, unique and a lot of fun!  Now don't you wish you had just skipped this?
Where do you draw inspiration for the things you create in SL?
My inspiration comes from 1) animations I find or create, 2) movies, 3) fantasies, 4) and experience.  If I can see myself doing it in SL, I create it.  If I can't see myself doing it or enjoying it, I don't create it.

BDSM Table for Three - (RLV, Xcite! and Sensations compatible)
What advice would you give to someone new to the BDSM Community and exploring the lifestyle in SL?
Don't compromise your morality.  2) Start with a personal survey of preferences to rate your desires or things you'd like to try, and to learn your limits.  3) Find someone you trust to share that list with and experience it.
- Sample A:

What is your favorite item that you created?
Tough call honestly, but I'd say The Throne.

 The Throne - 2.0 ON SALE! (Xcite! and Sensations Compatible)    
Are there any new possibilities in design and/or scripting of BDSM equipment that you would like to see, and why?
That sounds like Slugworth asking for an Everlasting Gobstopper to me.  Watch my store for new products to find out. :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Take Me...Out To The Ballgame

My first real post, and a treat to feature a few items from D&G Fashions. The madcap mind behind D&G, яуяу Đяαєցσииe, is a designing dynamo. Her clothing line runs from night out on the town to a night in the bedroom, and she does it all with flair. But the thing that impresses me the most about this lady, she's is doing this all pretty much on her own. I can't even imagine sinking that much time into something! But she loves what she does...and it shows.

D&G Fashions:
D&G on Marketplace:

This outfit, Lady Like Red, is the current group gift and one of many items you can pick up by joining. Long as you can afford the free membership.

When I saw this outfit, I had to have it! What better way to get you man's attention off the game and on to you that this outfit, First Base. Comes in a variety of colors.

The Barbie PJ outfit includes both pink and white pieces. You know you want to Barbie out, and why not...the bish has EVEYTHING!

Thanks for dropping by and get on over to D&G Fashions...tell RyRy Domino sent you and you want your pizza.
No, don't do that. Have a great day!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hi there and welcome to my humble corner of the blogging world. Little bio bit: I've been kicking around Second Life now for nearly two years, and the people and places still amaze me. Along the way I have learned how to DJ and have had a blast spinning out rock and roll for others. I've gained a pretty good grasp of the club scene in SL and have had the honor to wear damn near every management tag that comes with them. I have stuffed my inventory beyond reason with the awesome clothing and items I have stumbled across, and met many of the incredibly gifted people who have designed them. And then there is the SL adult community...erotic art and photography, sensual encounters, naughty films and sexy sims.
All of these have come together to pretty much define my SL experience, and these are the things I am hoping to weave together to create this blog.
How, you may ask....well, that's a damn good question. The plan is to feature a mix of eye candy with articles, reviews, interviews and tidbits from the SL adult community and those that cater to them. While I imagine this is going to be slow going out of the gate, please hang in there with me.
And if you would like to contribute articles or photos that fit the format, feel free to hit me up in world, Domino Dupre (Deesigher Resident).
Thanks for stumbling by.

There are way more shots of me at my Flickr: