Monday, August 19, 2013

Behind the Mask: Deirdre Paulino

"Bisexual, adventurous, kind, and here to have fun." That's right off her profile and sums up, Deirdre Paulino, in a nutshell. Here she is having fun, parading around in, and out, of her Zorro outfit.

Deirdre Paulino

Zorro debuted in McCulley's 1919 story " The Curse of Capistrano", serialized in five parts in the  pulp magazine, All-Story Weekly.

Father Miguel Hidalgo, or El Zorro, is considered the father of Mexican Independence.

Zorro, was the inspiration for both Batman and the Lone Ranger.

Zorro is a skilled horseman. The name of his jet-black horse has varied through the years. In "The Curse of Capistrano", it was unnamed. Later versions named the horse Toronado/Tornado or Tempest. In other versions, Zorro rides a white horse named Phantom.


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