Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shady and Smexy

Buck Shady has an eye for the erotic, and the talent to put it to use in so many ways. From sexy sims to equally sexy styles, he stays pretty busy being all creative like :). While his clothing selection isn't that large, it is quality over quantity with items ranging from rip away skirts to drop down panties. Best thing to do is slip on over there, shop a bit and then stroll his urban playground, Heck, make it a Shady sort of night and pop onto Pirate Beach and catch some tuneage at the club.

Shopping and Urban City RP:
Pirate Island and Nude Beach:

Prelude: Comes with all sorts of color changing HUDs

Splitz: Comes in black and yellow as well


Shore Leave


Round Up

All these come with shoes/boots!
For more pictures influenced by Shady, check out my to the right :)

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