Monday, July 14, 2014

For Whom The Bell Tolls ... James Wolfgang

Don't remember how I met James months ago, but it has been a pleasure every since to call this talented guy a friend. That pleasure was compounded when he married another friend, the artist now known as, Leannan Wolfgang. (And congrats on the upcoming Wolfpack!)

 "So, my good friend Domino managed to pin me down long enough to take some photos - we used our home Sim as a location and went for a kinda samurai theme...thank you so much for shooting me and to all our friends feel free to stop by and visit me and Suff anytime :)," said James about this little set.

So here he is, Porn Star, Movie Director, Model, Photographer, DJ, and Co-owner of IDP Studios & Erotipose, answering the bell.

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