Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Costumes, Shorts, Avro Beaching, Partee Banged

Hey there!

On today's agenda, we have several different outfits for you, a couple that will work just fine for those sexy Halloween parties that are right around the corner.

Pornstar, make that Super Pornstar, Rachel Avro, was gracious enough to bear the chill on the beach, and bare herself for you, while another Superstar, Partee, honors the blog with an exclusive set, that while short, simply sizzles!

Now relax, loosen up that clothing and let your mind wander and your fingers stray ... and have fun!

for the

Skateboard Girl - Comes with multiple appliers, mesh knee and elbow pads, backpack and skateboard.

Model and photographer: Partee Mytilene

Photos by: Domino Dupre

Angela Shorts and Top - Comes in eight colors. Omega Combo appliers. Great for going topless!


Devil's Playmate - Omega appliers. Includes tail, makeup, horns, hair, wings, heels and shoulder skulls (not shown). In short, everything you need to be devilishly delicious.

Thanks for dropping in!!!

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