Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Appetite For The Dead

There had to be some way to change what had happened. His death had been so unfair. If he hadn't saved that woman from drowning, he'd still be here...with me! Now he's a hero, but I would have chosen a live coward! If there is ANY truth in this sex magic, maybe this cosmic mistake can still be fixed. I wish I could have found someone that knew what they were doing, but maybe my feelings for him will make up for my mistakes. (with TexasRob)

I propped the manuscript of dry flesh against the headstone and began chanting the blood letters. For nearly twenty minutes the words tumbled from my lips, becoming first a chant, then a prayer. The breeze, so gentle before, erupted into a sudden gust that whisked Crowley's book into the ink thick darkness and dropped me unceremoniously on my ass. 

Lifting myself on a shaking arm, I quickly tried to pierce the night with my eyes. Nothing. Black on shadows, and none were moving.My heart dropped. The blast of wind had been so strange, I was sure it meant something. Nothing. Not even crickets ... the low moan behind me sounded like a roar in the crypt like silence!
As fast as I tried to turn I was too slow. Large, rough hands grabbed my shoulders, fingers digging into my flesh as I was violently lifted and slammed into the monument. The breath exploded out of my body as I managed to turn and face my attacker. Oh my God, it worked, but it hadn't. The dead eyes looking back at me from a decaying face held nothing of the man I had tried to bring back to me.

The thought had barely fluttered into my head like a dying moth, before the thing shoved me to my knees. Rough, cold hands, seemed to pull the warmth from my body as they groped me. What little I had worn on that unseasonably warm night was violently ripped away.

The thing that had once been my boyfriend, tossed my body around as though I was weightless, finally stopping when it pushed me down on me knees before it. Looking up I was shocked to see that his eyes had changed. A film seemed to have settled over them, but I saw....color! Looking back down, for the first time I noticed that his cock was stiff; and with startling clarity...I knew what I had to do. I wasn't even surprised that after a few minutes in my mouth, I felt his cock begin to throb, to warm. For the first time since I had began to work my mouth on him, I looked up.

Gone was the pallor of death from his body. His eyes, while looking as though he had awakened from a long sleep were alive. He mumbled something as I rose to my feet and pressed my body to his. I could feel a faint heartbeat and I knew we couldn't stop now. This was sex magic, and dammit, it was going to work!

Turning my back to him I gripped the cold granite and pressed myself tightly against him as I looked over my shoulder, "Do it, baby. Please, you have to!" I felt him slowly respond, gripping my hip with one hand as he guided his shaft into me.

Slowly at first...picking up the tempo until he was slamming his self deep inside me with a frenzied urgency. Spasms electrified my body as I came. For the first time, he managed to speak one word, "Come."
I laughed, misunderstanding what he meant as he pulled me to a nearby slab and gently laid me on the damp stone. Climbing between my thighs he forcefully thrust himself in.

 I totally lost track of my time, our bodies fusing together, moving together. Abruptly, he stopped, straddling my body as he moved upward. The groan that came from his mouth was all I needed to hear as I opened my mouth...just as the nectar of life erupted from his cock.
 As the last of it dripped free on my tongue, I looked up to catch his eyes looking down at me with such an intensity that my pleasure suddenly gave way to doubt. He is back...isn't he?

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