Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bare Out There

I was wandering through this gorgeous forest, when I spotted a blanket just lying there among the shadows of the trees. Considering how warm it was, a break in the shade seemed like a great idea.

Nestled on the grass, I tugged at my damp clothing, feeling little beads of perspiration slip down my forehead. Resting was one thing, but if I was going to cool off, this wasn't going to work. Looking around I got a sense of just how alone I was out there, and began unbuttoning my blouse.

Tossing my shirt aside, I ran my hands over my ample breasts, fingers lingering on my wet, and rising, nipples. Better, but as I gently twisted my now perky nipples, feeling my body respond to the stimualtation, it wasn't enough. Leaning back, I unsnapped my jeans, lifting my hips and sliding them, and my panties, off.

After struggling to get them over my boots, I lay there naked, looking up at the leaves above, sunlight beaming through and dancing over my skin. Idly, I ran my hands over my body, parting my thighs as my fingers softly drifted lower ...and I heard a twig snap.

I froze for a moment, and realized that if anyone was out there, it was too late to be modest. Lifting my arms, stretching, as I tried to see someone through the foliage, I waited...



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