Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hot in the Cold: Zuby

Hi there!
Who's me? Oh right, who am I... I'm Zuby, of course. I'm a photographer and model or at least I try to be. I like taking pictures of people or scenes that I invent. I take pics of erotic/porn themes or simply nudes, but sometimes I try to experiment on fantasy themes. As a model, I like to pose for every kind of pic, erotic and porn too but what I like more is to pose for erotic funny pics. That is what I do almost all the time in SL; imagining scenes, and then calling models or pose myself. And talking with my friends of course.
Simply I try to have fun as I can doing the things I like to do, that's all :)

Not quite all...kicking off Hot in the Cold, and so living up to the's Zuby!


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