Saturday, January 10, 2015

Self Love

Here's a handy little item for those of you in the mood for self love whenever the mood hits you from Dedicated Bare Necessities. The Masturbate Anywhere HUD For Women delivers exactly what it claims. No balls and 63 animations are just part of the reason you might want to consider this. You can also add your own animations!

All the pictures were captured off the animations in the HUD. While the point of this HUD is ... masturbation ... it can be used to snap some naughty shots anywhere, though quite a few have clips that make them hard to use. 

And there's more ... you can control facial expressions ... 14 erotic sounds ... and a nifty dildo with a twist.

The HUD itself is MOD so you can make it bigger or smaller, change colors, add animations or sounds, etc. It appears as "no mod" only because some animations or scripts inside are no mod.