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Shower Surprise ... Erotic Fiction/Photos

 A little side note to this post. The guy in the photos is Leland, he also wrote the story, but at the time we were doing the shots, he had no idea there was going to be a story. Days later, after editing the pictures, I asked him to come up with one, since he had written such a hot piece for me before, The Old Swimming Hole . He had all of a minute to look this set over before I had to take it down, and this is what he came up with. The man has skills.

Story by Leland Rich

 The beautiful thing about certain fun retreats, is the fact that the facilities are all coed, and this was no different. All day she'd noticed him watching her, almost felt his eyes on her at different times, and she'd made it a point to give him more than a few special treats to look at as if she'd been unaware. But she'd been especially aware of that wonderful cock he sported proudly between those muscled thighs, and she'd more than once caught her breath and absentmindedly licked her lips when she'd seen it seeming to wave at her as it bobbed semi-erect.

   Finally, she stood and made her way to down the hall to the showers.  Her hips swaying with each step, and the feeling of her wetness already flowing between her legs. In the back of her mind, she wondered if he'd watched her and gotten hard.  Or maybe even followed her being led by that beautifully hard cock all the way. As the first jets of hot water sprayed from the shower head, she closed her eyes and relished in the hot wetness splashing onto her body and rolling down her skin. Her nipples were swollen and particularly sensitive, and the stinging beads drummed across them sending pulses of heat through her pussy. Gasping softly and biting her lower lip, she started her hands down her front, anxious to feel her fingers playing over her swollen, burning cunt. But they never made it.....

    Suddenly, she felt her wrists tightly encircled by larger rough hands and her arms pulled high above her head, causing her full breasts to arch outward even more so than usual. Through the shower stream she recognized him, and his beautiful hard cock. And then she felt his other hand reach down to where hers had been going and his fingers cup her aching mound.  Involuntarily she gasped. Not out of shock, but out of pure heat.

    Feeling his fingers slide up between her already wet and slippery lips, slipping inside of her and probing the hot tightness of her pussy., she felt her knees weaken. As she slid down the shower wall, he followed.   Mewling, she looked at that long hard cock, knelt down, and wrapped her tiny hand around the shaft. Slowly stroking it up and down, enjoying the thickness in her hand, and watching as droplets of precum pumped from his swollen head she felt a familiar craving and knew what she had to have to quench it.   Parting her lips and extending the tip of her tongue, she leaned forward and took him into her hungry mouth.   Groaning as she was rewarded with the hot taste of a man's cock on her tongue. 
   Anxiously, she began to suck.

   The hot spray of the shower splashed onto her back and upturned ass as she hungrily gobbled on the big dick. Rivers cascaded down her back and ran between her crack, occasionally directly pelting her tiny rosebud ass. Wiggling her butt to try and find a steady hard spray to contact her pussy and pound the ache out of it

    He watched her sexy ass as it swayed and bounced under the jets and decided that using the shower was a waste of good pussy, and he wasn't about to do that Pulling her around, he lifted her up from the rear.   Now her head was still down between his legs, her mouth still able to perform her magic on his throbbing cock, but her thighs were spread open, upside down, to him. In front of his face he looked down at her glistening pussy and ass. He dropped his lips forward and kissed her cunt hungrily, forcing his tongue between her lips and tasted her juices. Groaning into her cunt, he began to lap at her slit. 
   Dragging the tip of his tongue up and down inside of her. Flicking it across her tiny swollen hard clit, then back down to just press inside of her tight little hole. More than a few times he even brought the wet tip of his tongue to her little pink rosebud asshole and licked tiny circles around it. Each one getting smaller and closer to her little ring, that by now was actually winking at him, almost inviting his tongue to explore.

   Pulling away, albeit reluctantly, he moved behind her and bent her over. Reaching down, he guided his now throbbing cock up, sliding it along her inner thigh until the head was pressed against her mound from the rear. Rubbing the engorged head against her slit, he pressed it forward watching as she opened around him. Her lips stretching around his head as it slowly entered her until with a pop, he was inside. Then grabbing her hips, he drove the full length of his shaft up inside of her until his balls slapped against her. He began fucking in long hard strokes. Banging against the back of her thighs, splashing water and pussy cream with each hard thrust.

    Gasping at the sudden force with which her cunt was filled, and how deeply he'd driven into her, she steadied herself against the far wall.  Her tits swaying violently with each thrust of his cock into her pussy. She was in heaven right now, and her entire body felt it. She reached back with her left hand and grabbed at her ass, spreading it wider, trying to give him room to go deeper. Wanting even more hot cock to slam inside of her and fill her up.

   She felt him dragging her downward, flipping her over so that she was now on her back. His hands grabbed her ankles and lifted them high and wide, spreading her legs into a wide vee and bringing her ass and pussy upward and completely open. All he had to do like this was roll his hips forward and the head of his cock stabbed directly into her freshly fucked cunt.   
   Again and again be slammed into her pussy like this, driving his cock balls deep into her. She could feel his heavy nut sack as it spanked her asshole with each hard stroke. Pulling back until the head was just barely still in her burning pussy then driving furiously down into her again. Faster and deeper. She looked up and saw the pure lust in his eyes and knew that even if she'd wanted to stop it now she couldn't. She also knew that she definitely didn't want to.

   In and out, faster and harder, fucking her swollen and burning box. With each upstroke his cock almost came out, but then it was quickly slammed all the way back down into her pussy channel. Harder and faster.  The wet sound of flesh slapping together with each thrust. Then finally, his cock did pop from the hot velvet confines of her pussy and on the downstroke, instead, pierced into her now drenched and gaping rosebud ass.  
   Her eyes shot open in surprise at the sudden pressure of her anus being violated by his thick cock, but at this point with the heat and abundance of juices and water pouring over her crack, her ass reacted by clamping around him and squeezing tightly.  

  The sudden new tightness and the expression of pained pleasure on her face, coupled with the loud groan of pleasure from her lips were finally more than he could take. His balls were boiling and he could feel the painful tingling that preceded the rush of cum through his shaft. He pulled out and stood, grabbing his throbbing shaft and moved closer to her face.   
  Quickly she raised to her knees, knowing what was finally to come and hungry for her treat.  As he stroked the final time she scooted closer and raised her pretty face, lips parted. He held his cock and aimed for her open mouth as a wave of cum suddenly bolted forth and a long white rope of his seed splashed across her cheek. Still pumping, he sent wave after wave of boiling cum onto her face, concentrating on her mouth and tongue, but still spilling it onto her chin and dripping down all over her tits as well.   

   Smiling as he painted her hot body with rivers of cum, and as she eagerly licked her lips, tasting and swallowing every drop she could, until finally she just looked up at him, still drenched in cum, slid her fingers across her cheek, smiling as she licked them clean.

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