Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Erotica Unbound XXII: Yana, Lecker, Zipper, Mandy, Lushish

Hi all and so glad you decided to drop by!

Going to kick this post off with the delicious DJ, and brown-eyed girl, Yana Grau. Not only can she heat up a dance party with her ear for music and flirtatious ways, but she can melt a camera with her tight, little ... take a look and you feel in the rest.

Next up, switching gears with a guy that I just think is so cute! I know that isn't the usual first response to a man, but it's true! Dillon Lecker is well-known around the SL adult scene as a talented video producer, but I haven't seen enough of him on the other side of the camera. I'm tickled he let me correct that.

He and I also get together with some couple poses from  Erotipose. These poses, and more, are all 80L.

Chrissy Zipper zips in with a little set, followed by a glam set with Mandy.

Wrapping things up, I get to show some sexy little numbers from Lushish Catz.

Thank you so much for spending a little time here and take care out there!!

Yana Grau
Photos by: Domino Dupre

Dillon Lecker
Photos by: Domino Dupre

Poses by Erotipose with Dillon Lecker and Domino

Chrissy Zipper
Photos by: Domino Dupre

Photos by: Domino Dupre

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