Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I love men. I dig spending some hot times with other women, but the guys, among other attributes, have the one thing you just can't really fake. While all kinds of guys can flip my switch, there is something extra special about the, shall we say, rugged types. The feel of their muscular body pressed against me, the way they smell, the way they carry themselves ... men being, well, men!

While I have plenty of memories that still make me squirm of guys like that, and making more, there was one evening on a construction site that still gets me reaching for my vibrator. This post is a little nod to that time, with only one big change. There is just one guy, not the five I remember so well. Then again, the fifth showed up after the gangbang, so I guess it still works.

Thanks to Mr. Dai for posing and Rachel Swallow's Creations for the outfit, Warm Up (Red). Comes in lots of other colors with Omega and Slink appliers.


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