Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Q&A - Such Marvelous Toys: BDSM/RLV Designer, Cald Stine

One of my favorite past times in SL is what I like to call prowling. Just spin the wheel, so to speak, and I'm off to explore a new location. It isn't a coincidence that I've ended up at a lot of places catering to the BDSM lifestyle ~smile~. Of all the wickedly delicious items I see there, one name kept popping up at the higher end locations...created by Cald Stine.

Cald Stine Products:

Cald Stine
Recap your journey through SL from Day One...How has it changed for you from being brand new to where you are now?
Cald Stine: Recap 6 years - seriously?  I recommend you move on to the next question if you are reading this - or stick around if you are a gluten for punishment. 
I Started out in SL not knowing how to adjust hair, and I hated shopping with a passion.  So much so it almost made me quit altogether.  I decided I'd try to make what I wanted. It was easier than shopping for me.  I began to sell what I made on borrowed space, then soon rented a small store and started using OnRez and XStreet SL (now the MarketPlace).  My goal was to never have to buy a single Linden in SL. 
I started hosting themed parties based around my new products.  EVERYTHING I have made has been for my personal fun/fantasies.  One day I hosted a "whips and chains" party and made some rudimentary (single pose) BDSM equipment primarily for props. I sold those as well, along with most everything I ever made for my parties.
As time went on my girl and I got more involved in BDSM personally, so I decided to upgrade my own products.  Now RL has gotten rather busy so the parties have ceased, and new products are not as frequent, but when they do come out they are high quality, unique and a lot of fun!  Now don't you wish you had just skipped this?
Where do you draw inspiration for the things you create in SL?
My inspiration comes from 1) animations I find or create, 2) movies, 3) fantasies, 4) and experience.  If I can see myself doing it in SL, I create it.  If I can't see myself doing it or enjoying it, I don't create it.

BDSM Table for Three - (RLV, Xcite! and Sensations compatible)
What advice would you give to someone new to the BDSM Community and exploring the lifestyle in SL?
Don't compromise your morality.  2) Start with a personal survey of preferences to rate your desires or things you'd like to try, and to learn your limits.  3) Find someone you trust to share that list with and experience it.
- Sample A:

What is your favorite item that you created?
Tough call honestly, but I'd say The Throne.

 The Throne - 2.0 ON SALE! (Xcite! and Sensations Compatible)    
Are there any new possibilities in design and/or scripting of BDSM equipment that you would like to see, and why?
That sounds like Slugworth asking for an Everlasting Gobstopper to me.  Watch my store for new products to find out. :)

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