Thursday, April 25, 2013

Oooo LaLa: Nude in Jewels

I love jewelery! So I was super tickled when Whisper Gravois, designer and owner of Oooo LaLa Jewelers, handed me a treasure trove of items to feature on the blog. The one catch, some of the items are for the guys. Thanks to a few male friends, that was easy to deal with. Enjoy the set, featuring, Khal Dubrovna, Nakuru Bergamasco, Emeria Jaynesford and myself.

You've been around SL for awhile; tell us about the life of Whisper from day one to jewelery designer?
Whisper Gravois: I'd have to say that I have gotten here the same way that others get to where they are... the love of good friends, the heartache of not so good friends and the determination to show the world that I can be more.

 Nakuru Bergamasco wearing Oh Canada necklace
Where do you get your inspiration for you designs?
Whisper Gravois: Everywhere. I watch what my rl friends are wearing. Visit jewelry stores in rl. My mother and grandmothers jewelry. Then there are special requests from customers.
If someone new to creating jewelery asked for your advise on how to do it, what would you say?
Whisper Gravois: Ask questions. Listen to the answers. Find your niche then move outside of it.

 Emeria Jaynesford flashing Emerald Isle (top R) and Fluer necklaces.

A dwarf drops by and offers you an unlimited amount of one jewel to work with, what would you chose and why?
Whisper Gravois: Diamonds... there are so many different varieties and cuts and colors. Diamonds are a girls best friend?

Khal Dubrovna showing us...oh yea...Aaron (necklace)
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Whisper Gravois: Neither... they developed together from a tiny piece of DNA. (looking outside the box)
Me, Domino Dupre, wearing The Eagle (top) and Inner Goddess (below)

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