Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hi there and welcome to my humble corner of the blogging world. Little bio bit: I've been kicking around Second Life now for nearly two years, and the people and places still amaze me. Along the way I have learned how to DJ and have had a blast spinning out rock and roll for others. I've gained a pretty good grasp of the club scene in SL and have had the honor to wear damn near every management tag that comes with them. I have stuffed my inventory beyond reason with the awesome clothing and items I have stumbled across, and met many of the incredibly gifted people who have designed them. And then there is the SL adult community...erotic art and photography, sensual encounters, naughty films and sexy sims.
All of these have come together to pretty much define my SL experience, and these are the things I am hoping to weave together to create this blog.
How, you may ask....well, that's a damn good question. The plan is to feature a mix of eye candy with articles, reviews, interviews and tidbits from the SL adult community and those that cater to them. While I imagine this is going to be slow going out of the gate, please hang in there with me.
And if you would like to contribute articles or photos that fit the format, feel free to hit me up in world, Domino Dupre (Deesigher Resident).
Thanks for stumbling by.

There are way more shots of me at my Flickr:

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