Sunday, June 9, 2013

Get Your Motor Running at Bull God Choppers

I'm going to have to call bull on Blazeabsurdity, owner and mastermind of Bull God Choppers. Sure, he has cranked out a ton of spiffy bikes, but one visit to the garage/store and you'll be bowled over by the variety of motor vehicles. With the help of the sexy neko, Winter Starflare, I decided to give you a peek at just a few of the choices at BGC.



Lets start out with you telling us the SL odyssey of  man called Blaze.
Blaze: Been here a while now. Not my original avi. Was building on my second day here. Can't do it in RL anymore due to an injury so i do it here. Built custom rides in real all my life and now I get to again. Here i get to do so much more too. Like the minotaur things.


So why a minotaur? Are you a fan of fantasy?
Blaze: Well I got my minotaur avi because a friend wanted things made for it. Hell was the best lindens I ever spent in SL. As for fantasy. Yes. Always been a huge fan.


Can you go in to detail on how you learned to build your rides?
Blaze: Had a little help along the way with the scripting and learning about SL physics and gravity. The building just came natural. Do what i would in real life.

Is there one you really like and why?
Blaze: I guess my favorite ride I built so far is maybe my FatBob. Sweet bike. its a cruiser. Just feels , sounds and rides right. Great to get out on the roads here and relax. I'll hop on it when stuck doing something just to clear my head. Ride the main road here, it's 4 lanes wide. Take it all the way up to the top and there is a couple other roads that turn off from there.Take one up to Cherry Hill. Nice park and biker bar up there. Maybe chill at the bar have a drink or hang at the park around the campfire. Jump back on and another road takes you on up to the drag strip where you can really let loose.

What advise would you give to someone wanting to create the things you make?
Blaze: Be very patient and carry a great big fucking hammer.

What's your favorite biker movie?
Blaze: I'm still writing it , lol.


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