Monday, June 24, 2013

Going Virtual Vixen with Victoria's Closet

Mark me as a fan of the "s"! When I can find a place that combines that with in sexy clothing, I'm one happy camper. Victoria's Closet is such a place. Toss in reasonable pricing and a variety of clothing and you have a store that's worth a peek see. I wasn't able to find items for the mesh breasts, but if that's not what you are shopping for, pop on over to Snowball.Beattie's corner of Second Life and have a look around.


Bandeau with Shorts (three colors)

 ▣▤▥▦▩▧▨ ▣▤▥▦▩▧▨ ▣▤▥▦▩▧▨

Pink Irish Lace Top with Jeans

 ▣▤▥▦▩▧▨ ▣▤▥▦▩▧▨ ▣▤▥▦▩▧▨

Undone Bra, Exposed Side (also includes full cup)

 ▣▤▥▦▩▧▨ ▣▤▥▦▩▧▨ ▣▤▥▦▩▧▨

Country Lace set

Camigarter set (multiple wear options)

❤✿•.¸¸.•✿❤ DOMINO ❤✿•.¸¸.•✿❤


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