Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Places to Play: Where the Wild Things Are

Niama Falls Exotic Wildlife Refuge is not much bigger than its' name, but there sure is a lot packaged in to it. A lush little bamboo forest, a beach area and waterfalls decorate the area. However, if you are looking for lions, and tigers and bears, you have missed what the wildlife here is all about. These "animals" enjoy petting as much as any critter, but they don't have fur. I could just ramble on about the place, but owner, Declan Broughman covered things much better than I could...and introduced me to a whole new lifestyle. (Photos are part of the NFEWR wildlife...Lorinda, Lexxxy, Rosa, Amara and Khloe).

How about we start with a little bit about Declan Brougham?
Declan: I'm just your typical Owner who gets deep satisfaction from owning and training my pets, Amara and Elle. They are my pride and joy!  And I found over the years that there are few places in SL that allow people to play out such fantasies, especially for those of us who are white male dominants who happen to be deeply attracted to women of color and submissives who are equally attracted to white men. 
This form of D/s is often referred to as raceplay and is widely misunderstood.  To me, D/s is just another ways of loving and being loved, and like all types of relationships there can be great variation between one relationship and another.
Declan Broughman and Amara
I usually suggest that people who want to know more about what raceplay should read a terrific online essay by  Daisy Hernandez, titled "Sex and Race Play" (at  I find that it helps many people dispel their misconceptions and worries about raceplay.  There are extremes, of course, in any fetish, but I am a much more caring -- albeit strict and demanding -- Owner.


What is Niama Falls Exotic Wildlife Refuge and what can a visitor expect to find?
Declan: Niama Falls is a lush tropical D/s resort teeming with exotic African and Asian girls, referred to as "wildlife," in their natural habitat.  Tourists who visit can intimately observe and interact  with the wildlife as they wish, and will typically find them sunning on the beach or exploring the jungle naked.  A walk around the resort will reveal plenty of hidden (and not so hidden!) places for tourists and wildlife to explore their D/s fantasies together, or just chill and chat.

I noticed a club on the sim as I was prowling around, what goes on there?
Declan: That's Club Refuge!  My pet, Amara, is a DJ and most weekends she and other DJs play awesome trance and club music.  It is not unusual to find 15 or 20 people -- often naked! --dancing up a storm and having a terrific time together.  And sometimes people wander off together into the jungle or down to the beach in pairs or threes or fours...
Is voice chat allowed?
Declan: No.

Would you consider NFEWR better suited for couples or singles looking to meet?
Declan: I'm sure that couple would enjoy Niama Falls as much as singles, but typically tourists arrive on their own.  As for wildlife, well they tend to roam about on their own or in small packs.

What do you think sets your place off from most other BDSM style places?
Declan: The theme wildlife refuge theme is unique, obviously, and the race fetish also sets Niama Falls apart, but it is the amazing wildlife that makes Niama Falls one of a kind.  Nowhere else in SL will you find such gorgeous and exotic creatures and since they are no longer in the wild, these girls have grown used to tourists and will typically flock to them, eager to please in any way. 
Many of them have enormous sexual appetites and most are very sweet, as well...  ready to submit to the whims of any tourist they encounter.  But in every case, visitors will find these wondrous creatures to be the reason to return over and over.. they truly make the refuge unique.


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