Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Little Attitude with Jazzitude

FINALLY...I get the chance to blog a longtime friend here. Jazzy does so many things really well; DJ, designer, entrep....uhm....she has a great mind for business. But what I dig about her is that I have never buzzed her and found her in a bad mood. I'd steal and/or kill to be so positive and upbeat all the time. Anyway here we go...designs by Jazzitude.


TeleportHub: August Group Gift
Rigged Mesh Bikini in four styles with texture HUD


Barbara Bikini, Summer Blue
Rigged Mesh Bikin in four styles with texture HUD

Fact is, there are a bunch of bikinis available and I think all of them have a texture HUD so you get like four in one purchase!


Tammie: Plumeria Floral (Mesh)
Three of four textures you get with HUD shown here...freaking deal!

And to sweeten the pot, matching mesh shorts with an extra black pair thrown in


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