Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Erotic Fiction

   The Old Swimming Hole
       by Leland Rich

  She lay there soaking up the hot August sunshine, basking in the peace and solitude of the swimming hole that she and generations of her family had enjoyed on the sprawling ranch.   Out here, in this private place, there was no need for modesty and she had always reveled in the feeling of being naked and completely exposed.  Besides, she was tanning after all, so except for a pair of classic RayBans an old straw hat, and a shimmering glaze of coconut scented oil, she was bare to the world.
   A bead of sweat trickled down her chest, finding a pathway in the valley between her full breasts, and it tickled.  Reaching lazily upwards, she traced her fingertips down between them too, wiping away the feeling there but becoming more aware of another tingle building much lower.   Smiling slightly, her eyes closed, she swept her fingers on downward over her warm skin.   Down across her stomach and much lower until they rested lightly atop her already swollen mound.

   The tip of her tongue peaked out to moisten her lips at the same time her index finger gently parted her pussy lips.   She was already moist, be it from the tanning oil or her own heat, or a combination of both, it didn't matter.  What mattered was that the summer sun wasn't the only thing hot right now.  Slowly she began to slip her fingertip up between her slit, quickly finding her tiny little clitty, already becoming hard and aroused.    At the flick of her fingertip over it, she gasped and instinctively rolled her hips upwards, her burning cunt anxious for more attention.
   Her left hand came up to cup and squeeze her left breast.  Full and warm in her hand as she squeezed and massage her tit.  Her thumb and forefinger finding her erect nipple between them and giving it a good solid pinch, lifting her nipple upward.   Splaying her legs wider and bending her knees, she now could raise her ass up from the blanket she was laying on.  Her right hand furiously beginning to rub her hungry horny cunt.   Slipping a finger up and inside of her hot pussy, finger fucking herself in a more and more heated fashion.   Her juices easily allowing a second finger to slip inside as well.

   Bouncing her ass up and down on the hard rock, cushioned only by the fleshy meat of her cheeks and the thin material of the blanket, she torridly fucked herself with her fingers.   Still pulling roughly now on her nipple with her free hand, sending shivers of sharp sensations racing through her as she did.
   All she knew now was the sensations electrifying her body, centered between her legs.  The hot wet burning that demanded her attention now.  She was so lost in the lust of satisfying her own urges, that she never noticed the shadows that fell over her.  When the hands grabbed her though, the haze of her desires parted.
   The sun was bright and in her eyes, so all she could make out was silhouettes.  One, then, no two, men had her, she realized. 
   "I told you she came here," she heard one male voice say as rough hands encircled her wrists.  
   "I didn't know you meant it literally," answered another as she felt her tits groped roughly.

    Then, strange thick fingers cupped her swollen, steamy, wet mound.  Parting her lips and sliding up and down her dripping hot slit.  "Shit, she's fucking boiling down there."
    She opened her mouth to protest, but suddenly felt a hand over her mouth.  "You know you can scream and holler all you want out here, and no one's going to hear you.   So don't even bother."   One of the males voices hissed.   "Besides, if you do, it's going to really get on my nerves fast, and I'm liable to take it out on your pretty face or just weigh you down and throw you in the deepest part of this creek.  You understand that?"
    She caught her breath and considered his words, then meekly nodded yes. 
   "Good," the man said.  "Because all we want to do is help, anyway."  And with that she felt her legs being pried apart.
    "Damn man, you just diving straight in huh?" the male shadow above her chided.
    From between her legs she heard, "I came prepared."   Then she felt the thick blunt head of a swollen cock press against her slit.  She tried to buck her hips away, to protest the invasion, but it was no use.  In one hard thrust she felt him inside of her, spreading her tight but thankfully wet hole.  She felt the fullness of his shaft as it expanded inside of her, stretching her wider as it continued to push deeper into her pussy.  
     At last he bottomed out, buried deeper into her cunt than she could remember few cocks ever having before.  Her pussy was stuffed with the strange hard cock, and she could feel it wanting to respond.  He began thrusting into her, long hard and fast strokes, slamming down onto her.  She could feel the rhythmic slap of his balls slapping against her pink rosebud ass with each thrust.  She heard herself groan in a mixture of guilty pleasure and pain, and instinctively wrapped her legs around his midsection, urging him on.

    Suddenly she felt something hot and wet against her cheek.   The one who'd been holding her wrists was now tapping the head of his cock against her mouth, painting her pouty lips with a steady flow of warm salty precum.   "The slut likes it, doesn't she?" he whispered. 
    The truth was, that she was liking it.  More than that, she was needing it now.  Her body was on fire inside, and the hunger burning in her cunt had spread.   Now she was hungry for not only the feel, but for the taste of cock too.   Parting her lips widely, she reached out with the tip of her tongue and began lapping greedily beneath the cock head above her.  Licking up the delicious precum as it poured out.   Closing her lips around it as he pressed it forward into her mouth, and taking him fully as he began to slowly fuck her pretty face.
    At this point she was lost.  One cock ramming hard and furiously between her legs, fucking her like she so desperately needed and wanted to be fucked.  Another slipping between her lips, over her hungry tongue, and sliding back into her throat.   Two holes filled with wonderfully big and hard cocks, and she could feel herself being lost between them. 
    "This one really is a little slut, isn't she?   Aren't you?" one growled between thrusts.  "You need cocks don't you?  And cum?"
    "Mmmm-hmmm," she tried to answer, her mouth filled with hot wet dick.  
    Suddenly it slid free of her lips and the man at her head began to slap her cheeks from side to side with his long wet member.  "Cocks and fingers and tongues, is that what you want?   And cum?  You want it?"
    Eyes pleading now, so near to release and so hungry for the hot treat that was so close to her, she gasped, "Yes!   Gawd yes, I need it!"
     Sliding the wet head over her lips as he passed it from cheek to cheek, painting her face in a glaze of glistening juice, he repeated more insistently, "What do you need?  What does the cum slut need?"
      Closing her eyes tightly in desperation she almost cried out, "Cocks!   I need cocks!  And fingers and tongues!  And cum dammit.  I need cum!"
      She barely heard both men laugh, and then the leader answer, "Well ask, and you shall receive."

    At that, she felt a sudden burning explosion erupt on across her forehead.  Parting her eyelids she saw the second jet of thick white cum erupt from the cockhead before her and splatter across her face.   Opening her mouth widely and straining out her tongue she attempted to catch the remaining jets of hot sperm as the came, and the man obliged by aiming for her hungry mouth.  She tasted his semen as it poured onto her tongue, and it sent spasms through her. 
    She felt herself climax around the cock fucking her burning cunt, and she groaned deeply with it, as it too filled her belly with its own boiling load.   As the man between her legs ground himself deep inside of her, emptying his balls inside of her, she shivered violently beneath him, then simply collapsed.   Sticky and spent.
    The two males rolled away and sat on the large rock outcropping beside her, stripping their jeans on off and laying them in a pile before standing and heading towards the water's edge.
    She watched them wade in and smiled contentedly.  "All right, you boys earned a few minutes to swim, and to rinse off.  Then I expect the rest of those hay bales in the south forty to be hauled in before dark.  Got it?"
    "Yes, ma'am," they replied almost in unison.  "Heck, we're about halfway done already.  We got an early start," and with that they dove into the deeper water.
     She sighed at the sight of the two young ranch hands swimming naked in the afternoon sun, and reached up to wipe the cum from her face with her finger.  Bringing it to her lips she licked it clean.   "Finding good help wasn't really the problem, finding the right kind of hard help though was a real bonus."


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