Monday, August 4, 2014

Partee on the Farm/Nak the Conqueror

A set for the guys and the gals...well, or two for either. Leading off with Partee Mytili down on the farm and Nakuru Bergamasco ready to conquer worlds...and hearts. (Thanks Ali, for the Conqueror part).

An aside, I'm not much for the SL family ties; more power to those of you who are, BUT if I were to call someone family, Nak would certainly be my big brother. He was the first guy I ever took pictures of and we've sort of grown up together in that SL niche. He took me in when I needed a place to lay my head, he gives me a shoulder to cry on and lends an ear for me to vent in. Thank you Nak and Zynda for being my friends.

Nuff said...on with the eye candy!

Partee Mytili



Nakuru Bergamasco


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