Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CarnEVil/Running Refreshments

Life happens while you are making plans.

Nearly a month ago, I started on a couple of projects; a places to play piece and a fan set. Well, that not so mythological realm of flesh and blood smacked that harder than a pinata meeting a club in the hands of a birthday boy on a sugar rush. By the time I made it back, the sim I was going to feature had vanished into the nether and the fan piece was so far behind, I've decided to shelve it for the time being.

Meantime, I did manage to shoot a bit of that now historical footnote of a sim with the vivacious Juicy and might as well double this up with yours truly trying to peddle a few refreshments on a steamy summer day.

Thanks for taking a break and swinging by my little lair...have a great day!




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