Friday, September 19, 2014

Tell Me Who Are You

They say that talking to yourself is healthy, as long as you don't sit around answering yourself. I bet arguing with yourself really raises those folks eyebrows. Well, I'm going to get real unhealthy and interview my favorite person ... me. Hey, all love starts with self love! Besides, it strikes me as the easiest way to answer the question I get all the time in one form or another, "Who are you?"

Tell me about the biological being that is Domino Dupre.

I'm from a little town in southern West Virginia, classic coal country. I was raised in a holler that the sun graced with it's presence for five or so hours a day, by my Daddy and four older brothers. We spent tons of time outdoors, because if you didn't like kicking it in the sticks, you were living in the wrong place.

That upbringing influenced me in many ways. First, I grew up pretty much a tomboy in an often hilarious attempt to keep up with my brothers and their friends. Second, my attitude about sex. Needless to say, I saw plenty of guys in the buff growing up. Course it was mostly my brothers, and they weren't happy when it was someone else, but boys will be boys.

They were also a big part of the reason I became such a flirt, you can get away with a lot when you have some of the baddest men around watching out for "The Baby."

This could take awhile to cover so let me hit the high parts...I lost my virginity at 13 in a babysitter night right out of a porn movie. A coal vein was discovered on our property and the royalties took us from poor hillbilly to not so poor hillbilly.

I started dancing in a club, well, more like a tavern, when I was 16. The owner knew I was too young, but being a friend of the family, he looked the other way. That's where I got the knack for mixing the tomboy in me with the woman men desired. Lot of fun, lot of profit, but all things pass.

Went to college, didn't need the money really, but worked through as an exotic dancer and DJ (the lure of easy money has a very strong appeal). Afterwards, got in to journalism, got bored, switched to nursing and still a nurse.

Maybe you should write more about those exploits growing up, a Domino's Dirty Diary.

I like that idea, glad we thought of it!

What brought you to Second Life?

Stress relief. That's a bit of a tale of itself, but once I got here, I spent a lot of time exploring the BDSM Community. I enjoy being dominated during sex and I wanted to find out if the BDSM lifestyle fit me. Turns out it didn't.The sex is one thing, being a true submissive was a zebra of a different stripe.

After that was my club stage; hosting, DJing, managing. When that started to feel like more work than fun I headed in a new direction, the SL porn community.

Why that route?

Well, it seemed to fit me. I've never been ashamed of my body and I have a wicked exhibitonist streak in me. I enjoy sex and I dig turning people on.

So how is that working out for you?

Overall, I enjoy it. I had to change my approach a bit when I discovered there wasn't much interest in me as a model, but that worked out, because I had to learn photography and blogging!

I guess being a "pornstar" makes it easy to find naughty fun?

I tend to keep the two separate. It's hard enough for me to stay focused on taking the shots as it is. I also feel it is one of those communities where everyone knows everyone and it doesn't take much to cause ripples. I'm pretty much straight up with people and I don't tend to follow the "party" line, so I sort of shy away from the scene when I'm not active.

That's the group mentality I'm referring to, on an individual bases, I have a lot of awesome and talented friends I enjoy being around in the porn scene.

How about revealing some kinks?

Compared to a lot of people I know, I'm rather tame. I enjoy sex with just about anyone, doing about anything, as long as they turn on the naughty side of my brain. I probably enjoy a few things more than oral, outdoors/public, and cum. I just REALLY love the taste, the texture, the feel on me as....

Whoa, I get it. So, why no partner?

Part of that enjoying sex. I like multiple partners because it gives me a chance to experience different people. You only live once...maybe...that's another story. I have had guys that proposed an open relationship, but I think most of that is a crutch. There is more to ALS (Alternative Adult Lifestyle) than just free wheeling screwing.

This interview seems to be running pretty long, lets wrap it up and maybe in the future you could take sometime to heard as well as seen.

You know I'm planning on that, we talked about that before the interview.

Domino Down...

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