Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hot and Nasty from RSC, Watts, Nakuru and Porn on TV

Hi all, and thanks for dropping by! For starters, I have blogged things from Rachel Swallows in the past, a lot of things, but this bundle of items she sent me for this post are by far the naughtiest!

Next up, featured model Envy Watts is on tap in a group of shots that will get your libido stirring.

Nakuru Bergamasco follows as our featured photographer and Carla Draesia's 'Porn on TV' set closes things out with the likes of Partee, Avro, Cazalet and more mounting the sybian.

Hope you enjoy and be sure to check out our Flickr group, Erotica Unbound, for more sexiness.

Top: Keep Calm shirt with Omega appliers
Comes in a variety of sayings, some down right nasty!
Bottoms: Porn Star panties with Omega appliers
other colors include; purple, pink, lime and more
Shoes: Wicked Heels, Siren Stilettos for high Slink feet
15 textures on HUD in Gold and Silver tip

Spank Me Daddy, with Omega appliers, comes with hand prints (above) or a nice little red glow (below) that you can apply in all sorts of way all over your body. 

The next two shots are with Punish Me Daddy, which also comes with Omega. There are two sets, Punish Me and Humiliate Me.

You may have noticed the blindfold. You can score it as well from RSC and comes with eight sayings, in three colors and either clean or dripping cum.

My original idea was to feature Envy in shots from different photographers, but one look at her Flickr and I changed my mind. Not only is she insanely hot, she's an accomplished photographer and thus these are all Envy, by Envy. I so want to be her when I grow up.


All photographers want to shoot, all models want to pose. When a photographer gives a host of models a chance to pose for them the results are a set that makes everyone happy. Carla captured a lot more people than you see here, so be sure to click the link above. to see all of this set


Rachel Avro

Carrera DeCuir

Chloe Deimatov

Jade Chekha

Katina Cazalet

ZZ Bottom

Diablo Balazic

Asari Dark Sun

Margarita Blanco