Saturday, April 4, 2015

Racked, Bewitched and Heels

First off, have a blessed and happy holiday!!
Today I have for you, poses from RACK, killer heels from Rachel Swallow's Creations and the super smexiness that is Bewitched Difference.


Avant Garde style pose pack with 10 solo poses for the Xiasumi School Festival Event.


Sexy as Hell heels, but here's the thing, they may be the only heels you will ever need to buy! They won't be, we gals love our shoes and shopping, but check this out.

You can lose the heels, and just go with a variety of straps, or...

Flip it, and rock the shoes, skip the straps.
For the price, and Swallow's ability to add even more textures, these are serious bang for the buck!