Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wings of Change

Hi there, and thanks for dropping by! Things are going to be a changing around here a bit, a new name and look for one. The way I deliver the content is another. There are just so many talented people out there turning out sexiness that I feel compelled to provide some of them a chance to show their skills. What you see in today's offering will be pretty much what we will try to bring you twice a week. And no, that isn't a mouse with me 'we', but until the stones are etched, I'll leave it at that.

First off, got a cute little jumper and heels from D&G Fashion. The in world store is going away for now, but the marketplace page will keep on trucking. Very good news, since it would be a crying shame to not be able to pick up the super cute outfits she offers.

Second, feature model Quinn Ying. I had the honor of shooting this mega star awhile back and didn't get to use most of the set at the time. I have now.

The featured photographer is Nicasio Ansar. The name may not ring a bell, it didn't for me, but some of the models he has shot will. A pleasure to pull some of his work together in one spot.

Finally, Ashley Sugarplum rocks hard in a selfie set that is nuclear ... a hot box in a box!

Hope you enjoy, love one another and see ya next time around.

Fly Girl Jumper - Cherry
Comes in multi-colored fat pack and includes a lot of appliers!

Preston Heels, Cherry
for Slink high feet

photos by me :)



Envy Watts


with Kei Frquency

Ana Emerald

Dora Lane




  1. Rawr!! Great to hear, thanks. And look forward to seeing you here ;)