Friday, August 14, 2015

Erotica Unbound XIX: Photo Contest, Katmee, Deelight, Lushish, Trevellion

Hi gang, a little something special for you to kick start this post ... a photo contest!
Katmee Studio and Gallery, along with Erotica Unbound, presents 'Through Your Eyes,' a contest with 6,000 L in cash and gift cards, prizes and a your very own photo exhibition. The rules are simple and covered below. Co-Sponsored by Rachel Swallow's Creations and Ravnous Women's Clothing.

Speaking of Katmee, she pops on on today's post twice, first as our feature model and then in a naughty set of her own with her partner.

Super sexy Aussie, Emma Deelight, is out featured photographer. A talented blogger and model as well, it's a delight to have Deelight on the scene.

A rock might not be the best thing to grind on, but that's where I found myself getting intimate with Curtis Trevellion. Once you get caught up in the action, there is another hardness way more distracting than a rock.

Lushish Catz has some ink, a pair of panties, and a really sexy group gift out for you. You'll see below.

We wrap it up as we usually do with the sensual, erotic and naughty photos from the EU group. From one hot rabbit (Lilo) to the hardcore oral work of Shelman, they all bring the heat.

Here is where you need to go! ... Katmee's Studio/Sim

Photos by: Domino Dupre

Love On the Rocks
with Curtis Trevellion


Kathy Lingerie - Group Gift (50L to join)
comes with multiple appliers and can be worn topless or bottom free!

Kumari Tattoo - For Hauteness Event, a bi-weekly event with all items 100L or less. At least one of which is an exclusive offering.

Teal Panties (Pink or Red Bow) - Also at Hauteness

Eat Me
By: Katmee


Thanks so much for dropping by!!!!!
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