Thursday, August 27, 2015

Erotica Unbound XX: Easterwood, Deelight, RSC, Lushish Catz

Hi everyone and welcome back! Took a little while to get this post together and it's looking like that will be the case going forward, life being what it is. The roman numeral posts are meant to be big and those are the ones that may have to be cut back. But, we aren't going away and I'm hoping to do smaller posts more frequently. One way or another, EU will keep on rolling ... knock wood.

As for this offering, we kick it off with one of those SL adult superstars that are awesome on both sides of a camera, Tatiana Easterwood. If you have never seen her work, you really need to follow the link in her name to her Flickr!

Emma Deelight also fits that description. We featured her work in the last post, which should have included today's stuff, but someone screwed up (mirror glare and point). So she's back, with three original pieces and as a model for me in a set featuring a hot little outfit from Rachel Swallow's Creations.

Speaking of outfits, Lushish Catz released a sexy teddy that is sure to get a rise out of your guy. I went all selfie below to show it, and myself, off.

On the subject of getting a rise out of a guy, Tangent got caught UP in the photo session for RSC. A bulge in the britches is such a compliment, I just couldn't let him go away like that!
As usual, some of the hottest work on Flickr wraps things up. Courtesy of the Erotica Unbound Flickr group.

Thank you all for following these things we do at EU!

Photos by: Domino Dupre


Lustie Teddy - Comes in red and pink
Multiple Appliers

Heaven Bound - Comes in black, seen here gracing the gorgeous, Emma Deelight, and in white, which I'm wearing on down the page.
Omega and Slink appliers included

After the Shoot
Photos by Domino Dupre with Tangent Omega

Butt y'all come back now ... and have a great day!
Hugs & Kisses!


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  2. Oooooh I love the pics from our photo shoot together. ^^ Thanks so much for asking me. Also, thaaaaank you so much for all your support. It's really appreciated. =)

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