Friday, July 26, 2013

Call of the Wild: Ashland WK Auction and Market

When I was asked to blog about pussies being up for sale at Ashland WK Auction and Market, this wasn't what I was expecting! You see, the pussy there roams through a petting park on four legs, dishes out lickings with big, wet tongues and loves to cuddle. These are lions and bears...but a lot of other wild felines. Your chance to own one of these for yourself comes Mondays and Saturdays 4-6 am SLT, when the auctions are held. You don't have to wait till then to enjoy the company of the critters though; owner, Ashleeleigh, has provided a cozy little park with a huge water slide, balloon ride and some of the more laid back cats for you to play with. (All photos were taken at WK Auction & Petting Park)


Ashland WK Auction and Market:


How did you get in to the big cat scene?
Ashleeleigh: I was visiting my lil niece and one of her cats brushed up against me. I was told to pet it and I was hooked.

What's the toughest part about raising these cats?
Ashleeleigh: The toughest thing is forgetting they are not real cats. They are so life-like and charming that you actually get attached to them. They have personalities of their own.

So how does one go about becoming an owner?
Ashleeleigh: I can help you in that department. Get a cat to try it for awhile.  Then decide if you want it as a pet or to breed it. Come to my park and for the readers of this blog I will give a 250 L$ gift certificate towards purchase of a cub if they show your group tag. We have Cheetahs, Jaguars, Tigers, and Cougars.

Your sim has a park sort of feel to it, why did you decide to set it up that way?
Ashleeleigh: I set up a petting park because once you  interact with them you cannot help but love them.  That's what brings the business.

Can you tell us a bit about the auctions, and when you hold them?
Ashleeleigh: Auctions are currently held on Mondays and Saturdays 4-6 am SLT to service the European market.  Here you can buy cats or sell them for a very good price.  Any one can enter  Instructions are in the park on how to get a stall for the auction.


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