Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fabulous From France: Gwendo Beck

I love French...french fries, french ticklers, french kissing! Now, I have one more reason, Gwendo Beck. What's not to love? She comes at you with a saucy, sexuality that gets the mind racing at the possibilities *wink.* As they say, pictures are worth a thousand words, so I'll shut up and roll out the shots.

Gwendo Beck 

"I have been on SL for six years and I enjoy meeting people and discovering new places. I became a fashion victim years ago and I am always searching new stuff to make my avi sexier."

"I created my Flickr two years ago and started doing photography. Always learning with Photoshop; I try to make the best pictures i can. I like to pose as a model and I have met some wonderful photographers."

"I also like having sex so a created a second Flickr as gwenporn to make my own porn. I'm off all the porn industry and make it myself with my beautiful lover "Moon," and friends."


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