Saturday, July 20, 2013

Victoria's Closet: Casual Cool

Coming at you with the latest post of clothing from the mind of Snowball Beattie, owner and designer of the simply sexy items you can find at Victoria's Closet. On hand to style a few pieces: Lillith Kelberry, Juicy Candy and Fenrix (yes, she has guy stuff too!)

Victoria's Closet:

Lillith Kelberry
Leather Iron Maiden outfit

♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽   ♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽

Juicy Candy
White Denim Vest set with Jeans

♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽   ♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽♥✽

White Shirt with Jeans (Open Style)


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