Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Zaria Velde-Simons: Sexy Thunder From Down Under

Zaria Velde-Simons hasn't been in the SL porn scene all that long, but she has already made quite the splash. Blonde, Bad (in a good way), and Beautiful, I imagine this Aussie will be making waves for some time to come.

Zaria Velde-Simons

 "I am an easy going, fun loving person breaking into the porn industry. I try to make people feel comfortable around me and make sure they having a good time too."

  "I started in porn about a month ago when my then fiance asked if I would be interested and he has been very supportive of my career. Since then I have been keeping very busy. I have just completed filming for my 4th movie making some awesome friends along the way, and sure to make plenty more, nothing like getting to know someone when your both naked.....chuckles. I have also participated in several photo shoots and started my own blog page."

  "I have done photography for a while as a hobby and have been getting some helpful tips lately from some of my new friends and I am improving every day. I have decided to learn some things about filming too, though I think my first release is still a long way off."


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