Friday, July 17, 2015

Erotica Unbound XV: Blaisdale, Watts, Blackheart, Dupre, Warm and Ravnous

Erotica Unbound XV opens up with the first of two I blog for. Ravnous not only creates some super sexy items for your body, but she goes about running her operation a bit different than most. Daily specials, discount cards with purchases and a huge shopping spree giveaway are just some of the things she does. She also runs more conventional, like hunts. One of those prizes is featured below.

Marika Blaisdale is one of the busiest people around the adult community, mainly overseeing her magazine, Aroused. It's a treat to have her take a break and step in as our Feature Model. 

Next up would be me. A little set captured on White Moment, a great little build by Ansar for grabbing some pictures.

The Erotica Unbound Flickr group steps up next with the usual selections of sexiness.

Featured Photographer, and my EU partner and friend, Envy Watts, does selfies that just scream sexy. Here's a little sample of some of her recent work.

Finally, Warm Animations provides the prop and Blackheart Taurus joins me in a femdom set. What you see barely scratches the surface of what this bench has to offer.

Away we go!

Holly Bikini - Red
Hunt For Your Inner Slut prize
Includes peep toe shoes and appliers

Renata Dress (Fatpack with White, Red, Black and Pink) or separate
Includes quite a few appliers

Photos byNicasio Ansar

Ginger Snaps
Model/Photographer; Domino Dupre


Femdom Bench
Except for the second and third picture, all photos were done with poses contained in the bench. There are a lot more. Thanks to Blackheart Taurus for posing with me!


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