Tuesday, July 21, 2015

'Rug Burn' with Mister Jackson

I'm starting to think that, 'Come see what I just bought,' is actually code for, 'come here I want to fuck you.' Now even though I have figured this out, I still fall for it over and over. Go figure! Case in point, Mister Jackson scored a nifty new rug and he told me I just had to see it. I had some rare free time, so I popped on over to his place and sure enough, in the end, I got a real close look at the rug. Like face down, ass up close. 

I guess I could have just took a look and hit the door, but when he slipped up behind me, put his hands on my waist, and pressed his hard cock against my butt, I knew I wasn't leaving any time soon.

Besides, I love it doggy style!

Photos by Domino Dupre and Mister Jackson

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