Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tatiana Premier, Trevellion, BUSTed Gear, Lushish Catz and Warm Animations

I was a little pressed for time this week, so a little short on words, but we have the eye candy!

Tatiana Easterwood opens things up with an original photograph that is just so sexy! Thank you, Tat's for letting me show you and your mad skills off here.

After you tear your eyes away from that sensual image, it's a pair of outfits from Lushish Catz modeled and photographed by myself.

Next up, I captured relative newcomer Curtis Trevellion in a set. I just so dig

BUSTed fans celebrated the return of the magazine and to mark the occasion, RSC released some items that you can grab up to show your love of the boobies publication.

Finally, my first post for Warm Animations, turned out to be a mouthful of yummy. A nifty little HUD that allows you to get really oral just about anywhere. Props to Drew for joining me.

That's it for now. Hopefully, I can get more out to you really soon because I have more originals from Mel Herrera and Partee in the wings, along with model sets of Miss Emily, Aj, Ali, Tatiana and more.

Have a great week and love one another!

The Pose by Tatiana Easterwood

La India Bikini
Lots of appliers and the ability to remove the top ... for those topless beaches.


Gia Trio Bodysuit
Comes in white, black and red. Multiple appliers including Omega and Slink.
Can wear topless!

Curtis Trevellion

BUSTed T-Shirt
FREE! for BUSTed Group Members
Omega and Slink Physique appliers.

BUSTed Boobie Jacket
25% off for BUSTed group members.
Mesh Jacket in 5 sizes. 14 color choices with or without logo.

with Drew

CockSuckR II
All the poses you see, and a lot more, are included in this use nearly anywhere HUD.
Be sure to READ the instructions included. Easy to do and will enhance the visuals!

You can snag this till July 7 at Indulgence Fair, after that it will be on sale at the store.

Stay safe and thanks for visiting!!


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