Sunday, May 12, 2013

Women that Rock...Pt 2

Not much need to do much of an introduction here. The title sums up the set and the terrific ladies featured are simply some of the sexiest DJs rocking th grid. Enjoy! Featuring: Jadelyn McAuley, TT, ßυииíí  Ŧιrecαster and Mongo Willenov.

Jadelyn McAuley


I have been Djing in SL for 2 years now, working mostly at Mostly Harmless, The Riptide, and Charmed Death.
I am currently permanently DJing Tuesday nights at Club Erotique for the Pornstars Parties, and Wednesday Nights at Hard Alley.
I play mainly Top 40, Rock, and club music, electro/Dubstep/trance.

I am also a photographer by trade, and I make poses. I own Sassy Lovely Adult Poses, and I help manage and create for Pose Pirate.
TT (teresa.tatham)

ßυииíí  Ŧιrecαster (fluffyevilbunny)



 My Name is Mongo Willenov - Aka The Lady of Metal. I have been in SL since 2007 and have run a club, The Mosh Pit, since 2009. I am a self taught DJ from Manchester England. I love Rock, Metal and some country. I have worked at many clubs in the past including, The Metal Bunker, The Mosh Pit, Liquid Underground, The Rock and now a regular set DJ at Wet Willies with 4 shifts a week.
I'm a shy Brit with a shit Voice. But I love music and love to play. One person or 100 people, its all the same to me; I just love to share the music.


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  1. Jade rocks my cock (literally)! She and TT have been great DJs, and even though Jade is trying to take control of Hard Alley from me, I still <3 her! The two of them make my time in SL THAT much better!