Friday, May 3, 2013

Women That Rock!...PT 1

Like most people that enjoy music, my taste is a rather eclectic blend. But given a choice, I'll take and rock & roll. It's what I love to crank out when I DJ, and the ladies in the following pictorial do it as well. Usually they are treating the ears of their listeners, but here, they are providing a feast for the eyes. Presenting Women That Rock with; MÖÕηiє, ĶĔŃŃĖĐŸ ŤŘÃŇĞ, Kayla Whittaker and Pσiѕση Ðúbɼȯvɳɑ.

MÖÕηiє Ireman

 ĶĔŃŃĖĐŸ ŤŘÃŇĞ: Been DJing for about 2 years . I have played in some of the largest clubs in SL to the smallest Country to jazz and everything in between . I have been a avid music lover since I was a child. Grew up listening to late 60's early 70' rock . I stole my uncles 45's to play on my record player :D. Have a preferences for older rock classics esp 80's Rock . One thing I love about my job is bringing artists and bands that might not be as well known to the air for people to enjoy. I love what I do .
Kayla Whittaker:  From Bucharest, Romania.  Been in SL since 2006, former SL Club DJ (semi-retired), SL creator, owner of “Cheer Time” (cheer leader store), Digital Visage (clothing and accessory store), Digital Visage Video (SL Adult Videos).
Been with my SL mate and Mistress Elvira Loudon for over 5 years.  The woman that has been my solid rock in my life.

In her RL, Professional Club DJ doing her first professional gig in February 14, 2007, On-Air personality for Pro-FM and DJ for Dance-FM.  Remixer, producer of club music, and part time model.

 Pσiѕση Ðúbɼȯvɳɑ: I am an easy going girl, sweet with a twisted kinky side on my good days. I like to go out and have fun. I love music and I love to DJ. I also love the SL porn business I am a photographer and  I am also CEO of DGD (Dirty Girl Dreamz)

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