Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Places to Play: Hot Gate

If your erotic desires lean a bit toward the whips and chains, then Hot Gate is a place you just might want to check out. Founded as an Italio-Amercan BDSM club nearly six years ago by Arkas Roux and his wife, Victoria, Hot Gate has become truly international with a membership of over 500.

Arkas Roux
"I wanted to create a place for people truly interested in BDSM that did not have a 'clubby' atmosphere," said Roux.
Hot Gate is divided in to two sections. The downstairs area is slanted toward socializing, with four dance poles, several lap dance chairs and a large couch for everything from cuddle time to group sex. It's after you climb the ladder to the top floor that things get intense.
The upper level is divided into four areas, separated by bars. Each area provides a progressively more stimulating experience. Adding to the atmosphere is the ability to watch others through the rusted bars.

"I think that people that appreciate the link between beauty and devices will get the most out of their visit to Hot Gate," said Roux. "These are the type of people that tend to enjoy meeting and sharing their fantasies."

Hot Gate GM, Georgia.Ohare, provided her take on what the establishment had to offer. "Hot Gate is like a frame ready for people to choose what they want from it; the main room is designed to be social and open; a place to meet, talk, display, and connect.  The upper room is designed for BDSM play, everything from simple auctions to serious bondage.  We want to be a place for people who enjoy BDSM as their first pleasure."
Gia (Georgia.Ohare)
Roux pointed out a subtle, but important, fact that tends to set Hot Gate off from most other BDSM clubs. "We do not role play. I consider what we do as remote BDSM. Here, you are not some are yourself and you participate with your body and feelings."

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