Sunday, June 14, 2015

Blacked In The South

It was a typical smothering hot day in July in the South. In spite of the heat, my husband and I had managed to get in a little yard work, wash his truck and still had time to do a little skinny dipping. Playful frolicking gave way to something more as I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his body in the waist deep water. Once I felt like I could stand after my orgasm, I climbed out of the water and collapsed in a heap on the deck. 
"You look like the cat that swallowed the robin," he said. "I sure as hell wish I didn't have to run down to the garage, but I promised Cotton I'd have his bike ready today.
I rolled over on my back and looked up into his slate blue eyes, "Canary."
I saw the puzzled look on his face.
"Cat that ate the canary. Go on, I think I'll just stay right here a bit and get some sun. Just hurry back."