Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tub Fun

My hubby was going to be out of town for the weekend, chasing a tiny, little white ball around just so he could knock the crap out of it and chase it some more. I decided a quiet night at home for some pamper me time was just what the doctor ordered. Topping it off with a long warm bath and a trashy romance novel to read while I soaked. 

It wasn't long before the erotica had me dropping the book and finding something else for my hands to do. Soon, I was on my knees in the water, groaning loudly and body tensing as my orgasm tore through me.

Collapsing back into the tub, trembling, as I tried to catch my breath, I suddenly felt like I wasn't alone. Turns out not all of his friends had went along for the outing and someone had taken that invitation to just walk right in literally.
"I didn't see Mike, but I did hear you," Johnson said, with a wicked little smile plastered on his face. "Take it he's out?"
I sent a wave of water his way.
"You know damn well he is," I said, with a mock mean tone. 
"Yeah, and I knew you were home all alone. Thought you could use some company."

I watched as his eyes drifted over my wet, exposed breasts, before lowering mine to just below his belt buckle. All thoughts of the mean routine drifted away at the sight of his bulge.
"You must have been listening for awhile out there."
His hand idly drifted down to his crotch, his fingers finding the zipper to his jeans, "You can tell, huh?"
I nodded, trying to silence a moan as his cock sprang free.
Taking it hand, slowly stroking it in front of me. Tearing my eyes away from his cock I looked up and slid to the front of the tub.
"You going to get in or do you plan on stroking that till you cum all over me?"
He laughed. "Aren't you the naughty little wife!?" Peeling off his clothes he slipped into the tub.

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