Monday, June 1, 2015

Erotica Unbound: VIII

Number VIII kicks off with the mouth-watering Sami Moonbeam. Take your time, feast your eyes and fantasize. Do move on though because we have more.

A pair of shoots to spotlight today's fashion offerings. It's raining cats and dogs in the city, but before I peel off my clothes, check out the jumper from Ravnous. Then it's a sexy little maid number from Rachel Swallows Creations. You know you want at least one night with your girl in this!

Next up, did you know you could fly the friendly skies of Second Life in style? Check out the service being offered by Crown Airline Alliance. I was thinking of taking a flight and bringing along a few fans. Get to know them a little better while someone else handles the flight stick. I'll have my hands on a few other 'sticks.'

Finally, it's the awesome and smexy photos from the super talented folks that make up the Erotica Unbound Flickr group. 

Sami Moonbeam
Photos by Domino Dupre

Chloe Jumper - Teal with matching Jewel Heels for high Slink feet
non-mesh with multiple appliers
Includes a 50L gift card, which I think comes with everything she sales.

At Your Service Maid Outfit
includes everything you see on me
mesh in three sizes and Omega, Slink Physique appliers
Slink Feet appliers too for the stockings.

Until I ran into Drew Doughty on a photo shoot, I didn't even know there was such a thing as airlines in Second Life. Planes, sure, but not like this. The idea intrigued me enough that I told him if he ever got it up and running I'd give him a mention on my blog. He did, so here it is :).

"My name is DrewDoughty Resident and I am the C.E.O of Crown Airlines Alliance. Crown Airlines Alliance is the majority owner for Spartan Airlines and Aeolus Air, the two airlines I founded before merging the two under the Crown flagship. When I first joined SL I wanted to do something different and something that would be fun as well as challenging. Aviation in SL has taking off at lightening speed with many new airports and destinations being built on a daily basis. 

With my airline I wanted it to take a different approach and make it fun to fly. I have met a ton of nice people that are enjoying this venture with me. The airline has  really taken off and we have a flagship of several types of planes along with an energetic staff and crew. I know one can tp from place to place but with flying it makes SL feel more like RL  especially if you are looking to fly to a resort or even another sim to conduct business.

We have hangars,ticket counters and docks for boats for all our staff and frequent fliers to use. We also reward those that fly with us by offering them little things to let them know that their business is appreciated. So when the need or time arises to fly, or even to experience flying in SL, I would hope to see you on one of our many planes to take you to your final destination wherever that might be."

Thought I'd drop by his office and see about a job :)

Photos From the Flickr Group


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